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At Ease: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Mallory Coish (2017)

After having completed my comic, I have grown immensely with my skills in Illustrator. I encountered various problems during the completion of my comic, including technical issues, layering issues, and tool issues. I eventually learned how to properly layer each shape and object in my comic, and I figured out which tools should be used for certain jobs, such as pen tool versus elliptical tool. If I could change something about my comic, I would like to make it look more like a real comic. I know we aren’t professionals at making comics, but I would like to make it more realistic with details and textures. I would do this by learning about more tools in Illustrator that I could use to make it look more interesting. Of my finished project, I am most proud of how creative and original it looks. On top of the time and effort I put into it, as well as the patience I had when I was attempting to master the tools of Illustrator, I am really happy with how fun, colorful, and playful it looks.

For future projects, I will take my Illustrator skills with me as well as my patience and creativity I learned after doing this project. I will also take with me my satisfaction and appreciation after having completed this project to other areas of my life by loving what I do and putting in all my effort to what I do to be satisfied with my outcomes. This project has definitely changed the way I see others’ art because it made me realize how much work and time can be put into something so small, such as one page of a comic. The creativity, time, effort, and skill that is put into one’s art may not be seen on the surface, but I have realized that I have to really think about what artists go through and I should appreciate what artists do to make themselves or others happy, as well as appreciate their communication through art.
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