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Lost Love: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Nicole Hu (2017)

Before this Comic unit, I had always wanted to create my own comic or graphic novel. I used to read manga and graphic novels when I was younger, and recently I’ve been interested in Korean webtoon or comic art. This project allowed me to put my ideas into action for the first time. I learned how to create a story and transform it into a visual narrative. When in the process of creating this comic, I struggled with coming up with a interesting layout. I had to make multiple drafts of the layout because I could not find the right one that displayed the scenes in a way that made sense was still visually interesting.

If I could change something about my project, I would want to put more detail into the character details. Because my characters are human, I did not have as much time as I would have liked to elaborate more on their facial features or their hair. I also would have liked to put more time and consideration into color schemes. I am the most proud of how this project really shows how far I have come in learning about digital arts this year. Prior to this class, I did not know anything about how to use illustrator. I am proud of my project because it shows my progress from the beginning of the year.
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