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Rumblin': A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Evan Baher-Murphy (2017)

My listener lyric essay examined the social struggle of living with a gluten sensitivity. I learned from interview the internal shame he feels. My essay detailed a short experience where my interviewee was ridiculed for not eating fried chicken. In the story he succumbs to peer pressure and decides to take a bite of chicken. The next thing he knows his stomach begins to rumble. I chose the stomach rumbling part to inspire my photography because it was the most visual part of the narrative and encapsulated all the processes.

I used a black and white filter then manipulated the saturation of the colors to accent the curves. Furthermore, I colored one part of the wave using a blue color filter. I warped the text with an envelope distort and put it over a background that was painted with a brush. I also smudged the paint behind the text to make it stand out more. I chose the font because it looked as if it was uncertain of itself.
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