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Ocean: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Jasmine Ta (2017)

This diptych is based on the Lyrical Essay. My Lyrical Essay is about a person struggling through hard times who loses their faith in their religion. Through the words of someone else, they gain the strength to shoulder their burden and keep striving through life.

The passage I chose (as seen in the figure on the left) is when the person sees the clear conviction in someone else’s eyes and voice. It inspired the photo you see on the left with the woman sitting by herself before an ocean. The woman represents the person from the Lyrical Essay. The ocean represents their struggles and their turbulent feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness. Despite being surrounded by the ocean however and being all alone, the woman is still able to remain calm even as a wave threatens to engulf her. The woman is also the only subject in color, which shows her vitality of life and her persistence to continue striving.

To reveal the color of the woman, I made a selection of her figure in Photoshop and then lowered the saturation. The font of the text in the figure was done in Illustrator. By warping the text to fit inside and flow with the figure, it represented the person’s thoughts.
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