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Who Are You?: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Jessica Dickson (2017)

My lyrical essay I wrote was based on a boy stumbling through society and his life, defining himself as bisexual. Facing challenges that others in society don’t have to face. And making aware that just because he defines his sexuality different from others, he still wants to be viewed as a normal. Doesn’t want to be grouped into a type, so shelters himself from the outside world. Feeling uncomfortable in the societal environment. On the right side of my diptych I photographed a hand that is open and vulnerable like he is with society and having people except him for you he is. Along with a B written on his hand, which stands for bisexual, that is in color to emphasis the importance of defining who you are. On the left side I traced the B from my photograph and filled it with a quote from my lyrical essay. I warped my letters to signify being unfit, but also not fitting in between the lines of society. Then to fill the B even more I put in low opacity dots in the background. Overall, the message to take from this is that people and society need to accept people for who they choose to be.
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