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KhoaT-Diptych: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Khoa Tran (2017)

My lyrical essay, a story about a boy who quit his high school wrestling team due to the fact that he is gay, represent how a homosexual individual feel when they believe that their sexuality is a burden.

Within my diptych, I choose a picture of an elder man who is on his phone on a bench, and across the park from him is a group of teens who are interacting with each other. I have also used the quote “You pretend to be normal” in order to help me strengthen my claim. The reason why I chose this picture is because it represent isolation and loneliness that a homosexual individual would experience within society in order to fit in. Within my text shape warp, I warped the text within the shape of the man sitting on the bench to represent a homosexual individual and uses the quote.
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