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Crimson: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Austin Pan (2017)

My lyrical essay titled “Crimson” represents what one experiences when caught in a cultural gap during a time of hardship, the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It expressed the may hardships and pains experienced by sudden culture shocks and how being culturally different ostracized my interviewee.

I chose my essay narrative because it accurately summarizes the overall feelings of the interviewee on the cultural gap that threatened him. It shows how stressful everyday was and how much the cultural gap affected him.

I edited my photo by first making the entire photo black and white and then tinting the background with a gradient of red. For my text, I warped it into the shape of the figure in my photo and used the font Khmer MN because it shows how lifeless the cultural gap has made my interviewee. How it limited and damaged him.
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