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Citizen Diptych: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Madeleine Zonana (2017)

My listener lyric represents what it is like to be a person with a physical disability. In my interview, my subject mentioned a lot of instances in which people tried to make him or others with disabilities feel accepted, but actually made them feel more alienated or misunderstood.

The specific passage that I chose from my essay describes a situation in which people pay extra attention to a person with a disability. My subject had expressed how this excess enthusiasm towards him made him feel different from the other people instead of welcomed. Therefore, when I went to shot my photos I looked for people who stood apart from the rest of the crowd or were distinctly different in some way. I wanted to contrast the excerpt from my essay about people being very welcoming to a person with a photograph that a person who was separated for everyone else, to show how additional attention can actually make a person feel more different.

Overall, I didn’t do much editing to my photograph. I cropped it to put the focus on the boy, put on a black and white adjustment layer, and adjusted the curves to add a bit more contrast to the photo. In order to add color, I selected the boy’s sweatshirt and added a color adjustment layer. I then used different tints to get the color I desired.
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