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One Look: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Mallory Coish (2017)

My lyrical essay, titled “One Look,” represents what it’s like for someone to be discriminated based on their looks as a Jewish person.I learned from my interviewee that this harrassment is very frustrating and upsetting.

I chose the specific quote “There isn’t only one look for Jewish People” to inspire my photography because I think it could be a very impactful photo. Before interviewing my subject, I have always heard people say “you look pretty Jewish” and “you must be Jewish because your nose is so big”. After interviewing my subject, I realized that hearing these things is actually very insulting, annoying, and frustrating. People don’t realize the impact of their words on others, especially when it comes to your ethnicity and religion. I thought this project was a really good opportunity to show people what is it like and how some Jewish people feel, rather than constantly telling people that saying these certain things are not okay or appropriate.

For this photo, I chose specific fonts and font sizing to show the impact of this topic. I made the words ‘one look’ and ‘Jewish People’ in the same bold, italicized font because those are what I want the reader to notice first. Then, I made ‘there isn’t only’ the same font and squished them and made them a little harder to read to emulate the discomfort that Jewish People feel when they are discriminated for their looks. I used many techniques to place my text into the specific shape, such as warp, mesh, and top object. I had to play around and massage the letters a lot in order to get them to fit i the shape and work with each other.
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