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Diptych: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Cassandra Marinchak (2017)

My lyrical essay goes over many of the experiences and feelings that transgender people face. My interview subject discussed some of the hurtful things that people have said to them. They also talked about how when someone is transgender they are already uncomfortable with themselves so when others point out their differences it makes the whole situation even more difficult to cope with.

I chose the phrase of my essay that says, “The world doesn’t turn the way you want” to place into the object. I wanted to use a natural scene in my photography and I thought this phrase would relate especially well to the outdoors since it references the world. This phrase is towards the end of my essay and it is supposed to mean that the cards we are dealt in life aren’t always easy to deal with and we may not want them but the world continues to turn and we can’t change that. This relates to my interviewees experience because it’s difficult for them to deal with dysphoria, the state of being uncomfortable with the gender they were born as. The world also doesn’t always accept them for who they are, even if it's something that they can’t help. My photograph of group of clovers is supposed to symbolize this because the subject is a clover that sticks out of the grass just a little more that the others, and when you are transgender you stand out just a bit more than everyone else which makes you hypervisible in many situations and can be uncomfortable. To edit my photo I used photoshop for desaturating the colors. I made the text object in Illustrator by creating an outline with the pen tool and filling the shapes with text and the font I chose was simple and clean so that it would be legible.
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