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Eggshells: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Charlotte Laurance (2017)

My listener lyric, “Eggshells,” illustrates what it is like to experience a severely unhealthy child and parent relationship. I learned so much from my interviewee who shared their powerful experiences and explained how they shaped them as the person they are today.

I chose this specific passage because I noticed how visual it felt as I was writing it. I was able to get into the mind of my interviewee as best I could as they described an argument with their mother. I knew this passage would allow me to produce the most powerful image because of the emotional significance that is held behind it. In writing my listener lyric I noticed that i kept circling back to the idea of things breaking and cracking. Because of this I knew that I wanted to pick a passage that contained this central message that I believe represents the home life of my interviewee. I also gravitated towards this passage because I feel like it presents itself as a snapshot from a very complicated story and explains the story in just a few lines.

For the editing of my photo I chose to fill the holes in the cracked glass and the crack with red. I felt that this instantly draws the eyes to the holes and signifies the deep wounds my interviewees holds with them while also speaking to the seriousity of the photo. For my font I chose something that wouldnt clash with the already apparent hardness and pain of the photo and color. I went with something simple to match the gentle nature of my interviewee and contrast with the not so nice and gentle events depicted in my essay. I chose to place y text around the holes that I selected so that I could represent the disruption that is caused in the life on my interviewee.
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