A Gremmy Movie

By Sarah and Jennifer

Creature of the Night

by Ana and Victoria

Good Idea Bad Idea

by Robert A

Kimbo's Law

by Michael and Tony

Lesson on Boys

by Brennan

Where's Spunky?
by Deanna

The Wallet
by Robert G and Mike

Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology
proudly presents

2007-2008 Narrative Animations

A Man Named Hughe

by Chris

Once and Many More
by Lizzi and Danielle

The purpose of this assignment was to introduce students to the art of storytelling through animations. Individual or pairs of students wrote an original or adapted Screenplay from which Flash Animations were created. For this particular project, students used electronic drawing pads, Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop and Garageband.

We hope you enjoy these productions.

Adventures of Wonder Worm
by James C and Steven

The Sound Machine
by James G

by James F

Run Away
by Natalia & Zachary

by Matthew

Red vs Blue
by Scotty and Jordan

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