Freestyle Academy proudly presents
2016 Innovator Project by CelineD

The purpose of the Senior Innovator Project is use your own passion to innovate, create, and develop your own project.

Project Proposal

My innovator project was to create a business card and bag design for my mom’s Zumba class.

Project Productions

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Project Reflection

My innovator project was to create a business card and bag design for my mom’s Zumba class. These pieces of artwork were designed to entice potential Zumba students to go to her class. I chose this idea for my innovator project because I wanted to do something that involved marketing and I wanted to help my mom. I decided to create a business card because several years ago, I made my mom a business card from a free template I found online. The final product was very boring and unprofessional. This made me want to create a better business card with the resources I had. I chose to make a logo for a grocery bag because it would help advertise for my mom. Her Zumba students could use their bags for grocery shopping and going to the beach and other things that could promote Eileen Zumba.

During my research process, I learned that Zumba was created by accident and now Zumba is a million dollar brand. I researched the popularity of Zumba as a fitness trend and the type of person that goes to the class. I read a book about how different colors can draw in a certain type of person and colors can make you feel a specific way. This helped me because I was able to create a card and logo that pertained to advertise for Zumba and the slogan, “Join the Party!” So my business card was the same green as the official Zumba logo with pink because those colors would catch your attention while screaming upbeat. The logo on the bag was very bubbly and colorful so it would convey the message of fun. Overall, the research really helped my project because I was able to chose colors and patterns that would portray the message of inclusivity and party!

I collaborated with Cameron the most. We were both doing design concentrated projects so we would help each other with ideas and critiques. Our collaboration was successful because we were able to make each other’s projects better.

If I could do the project again, I would probably do a short film as well as the design element. I filmed interviews and B-roll but it was deleted from the server. My biggest mistake was not backing up my footage so when the server was down, it wiped everything I had filmed. It was my fault that I wasn’t in class when it was announced that I had to back up my footage. If I could do the innovator project again, I would be more attentive and careful about my work.

Based on all the 21st century skills, I improved the most on Visual Literacy. The definition for visual literacy is “the ability to interpret, use, appreciate, and create images and video using both conventional and 21st century media in ways that advance thinking, decision making, communication, and learning.” With InDesign, I was able to make a logo for a canvas bag that conveyed the message of fun and upbeat. The business card I created gave the feel of being professional while also being fun. I was able to improve on Technological Literacy because I had a chance to use technology in a way that benefited my project and helped promote my mom’s Zumba class. I thought my project was creative in a way that I used designs and colors that conveyed a message. I improved on collaboration and teamwork the least because my project was mainly on InDesign and Photoshop so I did not have many opportunities to collaborate.

This project will help me in the future because I am going to college for graphic communications. This is along the lines of what I will being doing for school. I think it’s important to have experience beforehand. I really enjoyed this project because it enabled me to chose my own schedule and create my project at the pace I wanted. This project was very beneficial to my education because it gave me a chance to create the art that interested me the most. I feel like I learned a lot about my productivity and what I am good at and what I need to improve in. I valued this project a lot. It was very important to my mom’s Zumba business as well as my own learning experience. I think that this project will help me in with my future graphic design advertising.