Freestyle Academy proudly presents
2016 Innovator Project by PeterC

The purpose of the Senior Innovator Project is use your own passion to innovate, create, and develop your own project.

Project Proposal

My project will be exploring the extremely complex world that is animation. This project is a passion for me because I have so many stories and characters, and animation is the next step to bringing these characters to life and having their stories told. The plan is to learn and play with different forms of animation to determine which method prefer, By the end of the project I hope to have many short animations and one longer short film completed with story and voice acting.

This project will definitely be a challenge for me because at the moment I have only just scraped the surface of animation and have not come anywhere near a finished piece. Given the time to study this art, I’m sure I will be able to complete a project that I am happy with!

Project Productions

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Project Reflection

No reflection submitted.