My name is Aashia Mehta and this is the second year I have attended Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology. I am taking three integrated classes this year: Digital Media II, Design II, and English Honors. In these classes, I have created a series of projects throughout 2015, which include the Conceptual, Narrative, Profile, and Explorations projects. However, this year I will be completing the Reflections, Narrative 2, Zenith, and Portfolio Showcase projects. The series of project buttons on the top of the webpage link to different website designs, showcasing the work I have done in these courses.

In order to host and present this website, I tinkered with the Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 website builder and HTML editor in my Digital Media class. This tool allowed me to have a Live View, an interactive preview of one’s work, and a Design View, an editing platform. Because I was not familiar with the underlying HTML and CSS, these two functions helped greatly with troubleshooting. The photos on the website have been edited by Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 in order to execute a cleaner design. I went for a material and professional look to this webpage. I hope you enjoy navigating through my website as much as I enjoyed making it.

Conceptual Project

The purpose of the Conceptual project was to answer the question "How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?" in poetry, music, art, and web production. It incorporated my own creative thinking in each assignment and made me exercise my mind to think outside of the box. In English, we read several poems, learned poetic terms, and wrote many different forms of poetry. These forms of poetry included: an ekphrastic poem in response to a piece of art from the De Young's Museum, a spoken-word poem, and a poem using an abstract conceptual statement. In Design, we learned the basic foundations of art, photography, and digital media through Photoshop. Using the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, we created a conceptual piece of art based on the same conceptual statement from English. In Web Audio, we created a Photo Haiku video using Adobe Flash CC, stylized poem photos using Adobe Photoshop CC, and audio poem performances using Pro Tools.

Narrative 1 Project

The focus of this Narrative Unit was to produce a graphic novel based on an original story in English, a rising action sequence illustration in Design, and an animatic and animation in Web Audio. All three subjects tied together. First, we created a Flash Fiction in English as a base for our graphic novel. Next, we took the rising action of that story to illustrate in a comic in Design. Finally, we animated the story as a rough draft in an Animatic and then a more advanced Animation. Although my flash fiction remained the same throughout the unit, I was able to tell the story in a variety of ways through these different classes. From this experience, I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash in depth, as well as improve my drawing skills. I learned the painstaking process of creating an animation from scratch and learned from my mistakes. This website will portray all the work from this Unit and be presented at an Exhibition as well.

Documentary Project

My Documentary Project was about women in computer science at Google because I felt that the gender gap in this industry was an issue. My Documentary stars were: Elizabeth Reid, Gaurangi Tilak, and Claire Cui, which are computer scientists that work at Google. In English, we had to write a five page magazine article and conduct interviews with three different people. My interviews lasted approximately 30 minutes to an hour and I transcribed them as well. In Design, we had to take 60 photos of the people we interviewed and create a magazine article using the software Adobe InDesign. The photos were used in a photo gallery on our website and our article. In Web Audio, we created a website, an introduction video, a photo slideshow, and a description of the bios. This one of the most time consuming projects, so I hope you check it out.

Explorations Project

All Junior Freestyle students were required to explore his/her own passion and improve upon a particular skill set that addresses 21st Century Skills. Two of the skills I used were: technological literacy and self direction. My Explorations Project involved researching CSS transitions and basic transforms, which are essential to neat web design. CSS transitions are property changes in CSS values that occur over a specific duration. The four CSS transition properties are: transition-property, transition-duration, transition-delay, and transition-timing-function. I created an infographic and tested out some basic examples. Then, I added twists to each example so that they can be used in actual web design.

Reflections Project

The purpose of this integrated Reflections Project is begin to learn communication techniques and skills to explore and answer the question of "Who am I?" in various mediums using a variety of modern professional equipment and applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Animate, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro, Propellerhead Reason, and Google Apps. Check it out!

Narrative 2 Project

The purpose of the Senior Narrative 2 Project is to answer the question of "How well can you tell a dialogue-driven story?" in various mediums using a variety of modern professional equipment and applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Apple Pro Tools, Propellerheads Reason, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Google Apps. Check out my book jacket!

Zenith Project

The purpose of the Senior Zenith Project is to ignite your passion and elevate your skills and experiences to create your ultimate and most successful Freestyle project. Check it out!

Portfolio Showcase

The purpose of this final Portfolio Showcase Project is for Senior students to celebrate and demonstrate their growth at Freestyle by presenting information, findings, and supporting evidence to convey a clear and distinct perspective as a digital artist and receive feedback from professionals in a related field to their presentation content. An additional goal is for community professionals to provide feedback about the Freestyle Academy program based on Senior Portfolio Showcase presentations. Check it out!


Welcome to my first website. I created an underwater theme and played one of Bob Marley's hit singles in the background to emphasize my optimistic, fun-loving personality. I chose this song because although high school comes with countless hardships, we should all be reminded that "Everything's Gonna Be Alright." I came into Freestyle with a Java background from taking AP Computer Science my sophomore year and little knowledge of other coding languages. However, we eventually learned Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I increased my skill and knowledge by experimenting with different applications and applying the principles of contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and usability to my websites.