Introduction to all projects


Take a look at the various techniques, which incorperate elements from both Design and English, as well as Digital Media, that I used to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish this year at Freestyle.


During my Reflections Project I learned communication techniques and skills, allowing myself to explore and answer the question of "Who am I?" in various mediums using the skills I was taught this year.

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While working on my Narrative Project I was given the ability to improve my writing skills, particularly when it comes to writing a dialogue-driven narrative.

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Watch what can happen when students are given the freedom to do as they please and pursue subjects on a more personal level allowing an indulgent experience for both the viewer and creator.

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Find out the answer to how I've grown and what I've learned during my time at freestyle. Discover a new artistic perspective driven by development and learn how I take an idea from conception to completion.

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Calvin Camin