Sandy Marinchak
photo of me

Hey! I'm Sandy.

I am a junior at Mountain View Highschool. At Freestyle, I attend English, Design, and Digital Media. This was our first project, compiling all of our conceptual unit work. This unit was about creating work that contained a meaning that ia not initially apparent. We created metaphors that contain our conceptual statements. We made poems, an essay, art, music, and topped it all off with these sites. You can explore this project further through our websites and the links below. During this unit, we began to learn how to use programs like Protools, Animate, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

This projects goal is to express an idea or feeling in an unconventional manner through poetry, music, art, and web production.
The purpose of this project is to tell structured sotry using only visuals as well as improving out communication skills.
This project is meant to allow us to study a person, idea, or issue while discussing a significant perspective that our subject conveys.
Project 4 Title
This project is for us to expand our creativity and passion by creating a production that is self-chosen.