Christian McDermott
photo of me

I am currently a Freestyle student who who loves to explore new technology through the projects we do at freestyle. The useful skills we learn are not only important now to complete assignments, they are also going to be very helpful in college and the for a long time after that too.

The classes we take at Freestyle are important and meaningful because we have such great teachers showing us how to do all these incredible things. We learn in Design about Photoshop and Illustrator and i just 100% know those applications are going to be in my memory and used in my live forever now.

I have used all the tools I learned from Design in the projects I have completed below, and I will continue to use them in other projects and for when I find jobs too. Also, the tools we learned in Digital Media helped me create this website and another like this through coding and using the elements of design in my work.

Freestyle is such an important alternative to school and it's super interesting and fun to learn all these great things that are going to become so useful to all of us in our careers. It really is great getting a break from math class to go learn about the elements of design or color theory like we did in Design. The teachers make it very engaging and overall a great experience to be a part of.

The projects below are ones I have completed and each project has a different meaning and message behind the finished product. These projects represent me and my creativity using the tools I have learned from Digital Media and Design. Each one has its own purpose and gives an insight on what future students would be doing if they decide to join Freestyle and learn a bunch of new tools.


This project was my introduction into Freestyle and served as the first project I completed while a student here.The Conceptual Website I made took lots of time and understanding of coding to bring all the elements together into a finished product. To complete this project we used a bunch of applications like Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.

old camera hanging

This project was my second that I completed at Freestyle and it taught me how to use a story that I wrote and make tons of media related to it. The projects we completed were a cartoon comic strip, a narrative story, and a finished production of music and our story all in one including sound effects.


camera looking at city sunset

The third project I completed in Freestyle included the documentary project where we learned how to put everything together and learned the documentary process. We learned how to do interviews and record with correct lighting and angles to eventually put it all together into a website made in Digital Media.


expensive camera parts on floor

The fourth project and final project we completed in Freestyle was our Explorations Project. This project allowed me to tap into my creativity and do a project on something I like and am passionate about. We used all the tools we learned throughout the year to put together websites and other small projects to create a final project in Freestyle.

sunset through iphone camera