This is my Conceptual Website where I have put a few pieces of my work from other classes in Freestyle. Everything from the poems to photos we took are here. The purpose of this project is to learn how to code and create a user friendly website. Also, my goal was to express myself through designing my website. These poems were created in our English classes and we spent a significant amount of time revising and coming up with new images and ideas in our poems. For some of the poems we had the freedom to choose what to write about and some we picked a conceptual statement from a brown paper bag my English teacher assigned. In our design class we were given a camera and taught the basics of photography so that we are able to take pictures. Also, photoshop is a major part of Design 1 and those skills are extremely helpful in life and to use in other classes like Digital Media. In Digital Media we used applications such as Premier Pro and Dreamweaver to create most of the websites content. I learned a lot from my classes and enjoyed completing the content I have on my website.



The first poem we wrote in freestyle is our Haiku poem. We learned about the traditional structure of the Haiku poem and thought deeply about what we wanted our content and picture to be. The next poem we leanred how to write was the free verse poem where we had the freedom to choose our content and write the poem in an interesting way so that the setup and stanzas make sense and flow better. The next poem we leanred about was the ekphrastic poem. The ekphrastic poem was supposed to be about an art display at the SF Moma that spoke to us to write a poem about it. Ekphrastic means the description of a work of art in a vivid and deep way. The final poem we wrote was the spoken word poem and the main goal was to give a poem that flows smoothly and is read in a very pasionate way. We saw a lot of good thoughtful poems in english about the hardships these people have gone through and some of us used that as inspiration in our poems.

My ekphrastic poem is a short poem based on an art piece of something I enjoy very much and like to look at. It is a Nike Air Presto. This poem has short lines and good rhythm to increase the effects of the poem. Ekphrastic means the description of a work of art in a vivid and deep way.

ekphrastic poem
This is a photo of a nike Air presto. This is a photo of a nike Air presto.
Click on image to see larger version.

Never before seen
But shoes mean more than that
The mules you wear
That soften the impact
Of the hard ground
Beauty on your feet
From the sole
To each lace
Designed with precision
Nike inspiring
Little kids to be great
Soon you will fly

free verse poem

My free verse poem is based on the concept statement we received in English class and mine was the feeling of resignation through the experience of speaking up. I wrote mine about someone who in a way was bullying or oppressing someone else and was keeping them from being himself and being able to spread their wings.

Spoken Word Poem

My spoken word poem is my favorite poem and I wrote it on my passion for shoes and sneakers. I talked about the culture and how I notice details on the shoes and why I like them so much and can’t seem to get away from them. I tried to use imagery and rhythm and flow to increase the effects of the poem and get people to feel something when they hear it.

From all these poems I learned how to write better and become a more visual writer. I also learned more about the process of writing poems and how classmates are good tools for giving feedback and are very helpful. I made videos using Premiere Pro which was a first for me and I enjoyed the freedom to choose words and colors with whichever emotion I was trying to display.



A Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Haiku's are usually written about the natural world and its beatuiful trees and people and its a very positive and well being type of poem so that's why it was so fun to write. We wrote the poem in English class and performed it got feedback and a grade for it. Then in Digital Media we had to make a video including music and our voice saying the poem. We also leanred how to use titles and make them have effects in Premiere Pro to enhace the visual side of our Haiku video. The music that I put into the Haiku video I made in pro tools using sample instrumentals that were given to us. That was the most enjoyable part of the whole process because I got to put together samples that I thought sounded good enough to put into my video. I went through hundreds of samples and enjoyed listening to all the parts of the beats that eventually were put into pro tools and made into the finished product.


This is a screenshot of my Haiku video production in premiere pro.

This is a screenshot of my Haiku video production in premiere pro.

The tranpsort project involved us taking pictures of non motorized wheels in a unique angle where you don't even know what the picture is of. The transport project was a good first photo project for us because it got me familiar with the camera, angles, and backgrounds and how we need to keep these all in mind when taking any photos. I enjoyed trying to be creative with the transport photo and using different angles to take the best photo I could.

Transport wheel photo of the year
This is a photo upclose of a skateboard wheels and the deck. This is a photo upclose of a skateboard wheels and the deck.
Click on image to see larger version.

The assignment we were given in Design 1 was to take pictures at an interesting and unique angle that was pleasing to the eye. The subject matter was to photograph a form of transportation that had wheels and it had to be non motorized. We also had to keep track of our background to make sure that we did not take away from the subject matter or ruin the photo. My object was a skateboard and I specifically zoomed in on the right wheel of the skateboard while including some of the truck of the skateboard in the photo. Also a part of the photo I liked was the background to the left of it. It’s hard to tell but it is actually a supreme sticker on the back of my car and I think it provides a good alternative focal point and good color to the overall photo. It was morning lighting around 10:00 am so the sun wasn’t at its peak light or heat yet. The actual deck of the skateboard and the purple, colors, and design of it make it very visually appealing to me and that is one of the reasons I picked that deck for skateboard in the first place. I also thought about the angle and determined that just getting a little bit of the supreme sticker and putting the wheel in the right corner of the photography grid got me the best shot. I took a couple of shots that were similar and included the whole sticker but I felt like the uniqueness of the photo and that angle would work the best. First thing I love doing in photoshop is trying to get the colors to pop as much as they can. I use levels such as curves and vibrance to darken the photo slightly and to make all the colors stand out more. After the color increase I noticed the wheel looked way too yellow and gross so I selected it and decreased the vibrance to less than the original which I felt made it way better. After that I used the rubber eraser tool to erase some of the extra scratches on the deck of the board. I could not get all of them because some were too big but I felt like this and all the overall edits I did in Photoshop made the final production as best as I could.

Conceptual Art
This is a photo of my diptych. This is a photo of my diptych.
Click on image to see larger version.

I am exploring the feeling of resignation through the experience of speaking up. The objects in my photo are some alcohol bottles and chairs. I took notice on how the alcohol bottles were more empty than full, and this gives help to my concept statement about the feeling of resignation. The bottles are also stacked on top of each other, and have a very unique setup that makes it more interesting. They were almost falling off of each other, and were barely staying balanced in the place, and the single bottle standing up gives it a good contrast to the other bottles laying down. Also, the chairs were set up to give the feeling of an AA meeting and was used to give the feelings of people and to add another focal point in the photograph. The lighting was on purpose, and I was trying to keep it more dark and unhappy rather than bright and shining. The background consists mostly of the carpet and white walls which serve as a good background that does not take away the attention of the bottles. The first thing I thought of about resignation through speaking up was drug abuse and how some speak out and get help rather than keep it inside and not get any. AA meetings are perfect places for alcoholics to get help and quit their addictions so that is why I put the chairs and bottles in the photo. The bottles are also not full and I was portraying that it meant that the person started drinking it then quit before they finished it all. My photoshop process involved a lot of brightening the colors, labels, and overall photo. First thing I did was decreasing the vibrancy of the whole photo to give it a less yellow and bright look. Next I took the label of the Absolute Vodka and tried as hard as I could to get it to stand out, and have that blue really draw attention to it to become the focal point of the photo. Most of the work I did was on vibrance, but I also straightened the horizon which is the carpet in this case. It was not straight and then I learned to use the crop tool to rotate it to make the edge of the carpet straight across the photo. The last thing I did was add a vignette by creating a full black layer then using the eraser tool to show everything I needed to.


The song I did the music parody to was Iloveyouraunt by A$AP Ferg and Ski Mask the SlumpGod. For my music parody I used a bunch of EQ bands and other effects to get the instrumental by itself. The lyrics were me trying to rap and I was unsuccessful in trying to sound as good as ASAP Ferg and Ski Mask the Slump God.


My experimental music was made in Pro Tools and a keyboard that was used to get the right sounds in the right places. I first heard the violin and wanted to put it in the final production. I did but it turned out sadder than I would have liked but it still sounded good to me. I mixed some of the instruments to make the violins a little bit louder and drums softer so that it is obvious to focus on the violins. I enjoyed listening to what I was creating even though I kept having to start over and try again but it was worth it.