Chris Mintz
Christopher Mintz

Hey my name is Chris Mintz and I am a junior a Freestyle Academy taking Digital Media, Design, and English. I enjoy expressing myself through the art made in each unit. Because I am in digital media we create a different website to display what we created in every class. To explore my websites click on the image in every unit.


In the conceptual unit we explored how to think deeper, past the obvious, and see each piece of art means. We then used that knowledge to make our own.

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 Image of camera shooting photographs out of someone's head.

In the narrative unit we explored our story crafting, and character developing skills through different mediums including: flash fiction, short comics, and animation.

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Image of: a river leading to the ocean.

In the documentary unit we researched about a person or organization that interests us, gathering primary and secondary sources about them to then show, through different mediums, how they are affecting the world.

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Image of : a cluttered desk.

In the explorations unit we used the skills we learned throughout the year to show a topic of our interest.

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Image of: A black hole spitup.