Introduction to all my Projects

Welcome to my senior introduction website. Here you will find links to all of the work I have done while attending Freestyle Academy. If you click on the buttons above it will take you to an introduction to each of the websites I have made. The last button will take you to my introduction website from last year. Check out all the websites and see all the work I have done and the growth I have made from the beginning of junior to the end of senior year. I hope you enjoy!

Conceptual Project

The conceptual unit was my first ever project at Freestyle. This project, for me, was a lot of learning. I had never really used any of the technology I had to and at times it got difficult. The other thing that made this project difficult was that in English our assignments were all poetry based and I struggled with that my throughout school. Despite these struggles I really feel like I was able to learn a lot and really saw myself progress and things that I dreaded at first didn’t seem that bad. Click on the picture to check out the work I made.

Narrative 1 Project

The narrative unit was the next unit I started on. This unit was a tough one for me started procrastinating my work, which is ironic because that is what my project was about. Despite the procrastination I learned a lot of cool programs on the computer and definitely learned that in all parts of life school or not when you put in a lot of hard work you will be a lot more satisfied with the results. Click on the picture to see my narrative project.

Profile Project

The profile unit was one of favorite units and some of my best work. I really enjoyed the opportunity to go out in the community and do interviews and write a piece that wasn’t the normal english paper that you write. I worked a lot with my English teacher and I felt my writing grew a lot in that unit. Click above to see my work.

Explorations Project

The explorations unit was my favorite unit of the year. I loved that I had the freedom to explore any hobby or interest I wanted. I chose sports photography because sports are such a big part of my life and my favorite thing to do and I thought that sports photography would be a new way to enjoy sports. I had a lot of fun learning skills and going out and taking some cool photos. Click to see my explorations project and I hope you enjoy.

Reflections Project

Click on the image to look at my reflections unit. Throughout this unit I really used my skills from last year with new skills from this year to make projects that I was really proud of. I hope you enjoy.

Narrative 2 Project

Click to view my project page.

Zenith Project

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Click to view my project page.


Click above to see my old project information page. This is the first webiste I made and I find it cool to see the progress I have made from then till now. I hope you enjoy!