Who am I?

My goal for this project was to better understand the in depth editing of photos and become more proficient in Javascript. The overarching question for this Unit was “Who am I?”

In Design we focused on either a cool photo that we took in HDR or a photo relating to the Lyrical Essay that we wrote in English. This project allowed for my introduction into HDR and how it works.

In English we focused on the writing of our Lyrical Essay after the in depth reading and discussion of Claudia Rankine’s Citizen Novel. After reading this novel I was inspired to write about immigration so I interviewed a german citizen and asked about their thoughts on their integration after moving here and how they were treated.

In Digital Media we created a website to display and explain our work along with a short video created on After Effects showcasing either our lyrical essay piece or our cool photo piece. I created the cool photo piece because I enjoyed taking a relatively average picture and rearranging it into a piece of art that evokes interest in the viewer.

These projects helped me grow as a writer and as a digital artist because the different parts of the project allowed for me to explore the different projects in each of my classes.

Perspective Video

From producing this Perspective video it allowed me to express myself in an artistic way other than purely speech or writing, it also allowed for a deeper thinking about everyday opinions.

Cool Photo

My Cool Video allowed for the exploration of the use of 3D in After Effects and the camera tool. We explored the use of lights which allowed for the casting of shadows and a 3D look.

Lyrical Essay

Cool Video