During the Reflections unit we explored who we are and what we represent. We started in Digital Media with a perspective video in which we give a perspective on a potentially controversial topic. In English class we wrote a personal essay in which we attempted to expose ourselves and become more vulnerable. In Design we we took photos of different objects and found unique ways to alter them. After completing this unit I have a better idea of who I am and what I believe in.

For my perspective video I chose to talk about the infamous and controversial pizza topping, pineapple. In my video I propose that pineapple is an essential ingredient for perfecting pizza. We used Pro Tools to record ourselves and After Effects to create the completed video. This project was very helpful for expressing our ideas and refreshing our knowledge of After Effects

The cool photo project required us to take photos of an object that was about the size of our camera bag or smaller. We used HDR to take these photos so that we could see the shadows and highlights. After editing our photos in Adobe Photoshop, we then printed our photos and found creative and unique ways to cut up or tear apart our photos and reassemble them. We also created a video in digital media using Adobe After Effects that shows how we altered our photos.

For the lyrical essay project we interviewed someone we knew who was different from ourselves in some way. The differences could be race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or anything else. After interviewing our interviewee about things they have to deal with, we wrote our lyrical essays that show cased the life of someone who is different from ourselves. Writing these essays allowed us to get a deeper understanding of what others go through in their lives.