Welcome to my Website, I am a first year senior at Freestyle academy and we have created this website to help showcase the work we have done. On my website you will see examples of my work from Digital media, English and Design Media. Being a first year Senior in freestyle was crazy I was both excited and nervous because I knew that I had a lot to learn in a short period of time, but thanks to the amazing teachers and friends they helped catch me up and now I'm doing my own projects without any outside help. Freestyle has been an amazing experience! This project helped me grow as a person because I needed to look deep inside and really focus on my core values in order to answer the question “Who Am I”

Perspective Video

For my perspective video my topic was involving a term called “Ricers” and how to damages car enthusiasts name. In this video I gave a lot of strong points to support my argument and was able to back it up with real world examples and evidence. While forming my perspective video I used after effects in order to create my video. By spacing out and cutting sections of audio and video I was able to format my video properly which resulted with the video I have present now.

Cool Photo

For the cool photo we were supposed to take 3 different photos of the same object with different exposures, after this step we uploaded them into Adobe Photoshop and merged the 3 together creating the HDR version. After creating the HDR version we were able to edit the photo before finally printing. When I was pleased with my results I printed out two copies of my photo and pasted one on a black background and cut up my second photo to paste on top of the original and distort it creating my final cool HDR project.

Lyrical Essay

For our Lyrical Essay we were assigned to interview someone that is different then us, this could mean experiences, sexual identity or anything that puts us apart. After interviewing them and recording notes the next step was to format a Lyrical Essay using poetic language, spacing and other types of writing to help bring emotion to our Essay. Also this essay was written in second person really helped draw the reader in and put the audience in their shoes. I had a very emotional time creating this project because we had to hear and understand others struggles and hardships which helped me open my eyes and become more aware of these challenges, it also really helped me figure out the question of “who am I”. The interviewee's story really helped me to reflect on my life and show how grateful I should be and also how I can help correct my flaws.

You are in 5th grade, you take a deep breath and exhale onto the window. Drawing stick figures until the bus comes to a complete stop, you look up and realize that this is your house. As you jump down the steps onto the ice cold pavement you glance in your driveway and realize your father's car is parked oddly, almost as if his approach took him right across the lawn.

You stop…

You feel an all-too-common sensation in your chest, and realize that your heart has begun to pulsate.




As you approach the front door your heart stops, the world is silent. You noticed the door was not completely shut and you feel the warm air leaking out. You enter, setting down your backpack and taking off your new snow jacket that you just received from your grandma not too long ago.


A faint sound of mumbling in the background echoes through the house

You cautiously make your way to your brother’s room. He just turned 6. You see him play with all his new toys he received from his birthday two days earlier. You ask him

“wanna play hide and seek?”

He springs up and runs to hide in the bathroom.

You count down

20, 19, 18, 17, you slowly get up and begin to leave the room knowing the only safe place for him would be there. You lock his door, sliding the key into your back pocket.

You begin to make your way to the room echoing the mumbles, you notice the shoes and bottles lining the dark hallway. As you reach the door the mumbles become more clear, a mixture of english, grunts and moans. You try and turn away before you are noticed but it's too late

Hey. Get in here.

You open the door and proceed to do as told, fearing the reaction if you were to disobey. You stand next to his bedside, the blood has rushed from your face and limbs leaving you ice cold. He reaches out, grabbing your arm, his hands as hot as the fire burning in the fireplace, searing your frozen body. He asks you do do something, you hesitate. The jumbled and slurred words coming out of his mouth frighten you.

Dad, I can't understand you…

Minutes go by before he responds, but not with words as he tried before but with actions. Still grasping your arm he beings to stand up. With little balance he tosses you across the room; landing on your shoulder and arm you feel the tears swelling. You start to stand back up and inch towards the door ready to run. You glance back at your father barely being able to keep himself upright.

Thud. Crash!

You look and see your father on the ground unconscious, the bed post lamp shattered along side him. Still tense and hurting you walk over to his body limply lying on the ground. You begin to lift him up one limb at a time back into bed, your arm still in pain, but no matter how much you wish to just leave him there you push through until he's on top the bed. You bend over and place your head on his chest to ensure he is still breathing, then you leave. Shutting the door.


The sound of your brother’s room door unlocking. You seem him standing there, all alone –

“Wow you are really good at this game,” you say as you try your best to fake the smile.

Hours pass, you revisit your brother’s room, tucking him in and giving him a kiss goodnight.

As you enter your room you get into bed and turn off your light. Sitting restlessly you hold back the tears, knowing you need to be strong for both you and your brother, wishing you could explain it all, but you can't. So you lie there, thinking, wishing for this all to be just a bad dream.

But it's not –

It's your life.







Cool Photo Video

When creating the Cool photo Video we used After Effects to help edit and piece together our project. First I had to upload my original image then add a background. After this i started to create and trace masks that I would have move then become placed back to represent my final project. When adding the spotlight I needed to turn on “cast shadows” in order for the shadows to appear properly on the back ground. Next was adding in a 3d camera rotating around my project with all the masks floating and rearranging into their new positions. This project really taught me life skills such as time management and patience because this was a very long and creative process and I am thankful that I had people willing to help me.