Jaocb Lopez
Jacob Lopez

Hello. I am Jacob Lopez and I go to Freestyle Academy. This is my project website, it will link you to all my different websites that display all my work. It is all organized into 8 projects. Each project has different goals, products, requirements and teaches different skills. I came to freestyle to focus on music production and to learn how to use the many programs taught here like Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Pro Tools, and Dreamweaver. I am also here to learn about how to create art, primarily photographary.

My conceptual work is about expressing different ideas and concepts through haikus, poems, and photos.
The narrative project is all about expressing a story visually through comic book pages and an amination.
To compelete the documentary project, I had to show a unique perspective of a demographic in a magazine article and a commerical.
My exploration project is self driven and self created. It will also utilize one of the major 21st century skill set by freestyle.