Jasmine Ta

Photo of me, Jasmine Ta

The music you hear, called A Cat's Paw, was produced by Sam Neiland for Hustle Cat, a visual novel. You can see the game by clicking this link: https://datenighto.com/game/hustle-cat

My name is Jasmine Ta. As a student at Freestyle Academy, every project has hard work, passion, and creativity etched into its bones. Every student takes English and Design, classes that teach students how to express themselves through visual and written forms. Students take either Film or Digital Media. I take Digital Media, which allows students to express themselves with a variety of different methods: animations, websites, videos, even commercials. The number of people who use the internet grows everyday, and professionals should be able to use the world wide web to their advantage.

Applications like Photoshop and Illustrator allow students to create their images for videos and websites. For instance, the image you see at the top was created in Photoshop: Jasmine tea, Jasmine flower and Jasmine rice atop a color called Jasmine. ProTools and Adobe Animate help students create audio and visual effects for videos, such as the documentary you see below on issues in the community. Dreamweaver is the application that puts all these projects together; it allows students to code and create the website you see now and the websites you see below.

The websites you see below are a year's hard work; photographs, stories, videos that express how I view the world and what I might like to see instead. Click on the images below to see the progress I make.

Conceptual Project

This project's purpose was to teach students how to express themselves through unconventional methods: poetry, music, an essay, and photographs.

Link to conceptual art project
Narrative Project

This project's goal was to create a structured story visually: through a graphic novel, animations, or film.


Link to narrative project
Documentary Project
This project's purpose was to teach students how to creatively and truthfully reveal light on a significant issue. person, or group in the community: through interviews, articles, and photos.
Link to documentary project
Explorations Project

This project's goal was to expand the skills taught and passions acquired in previous projects in whatever way the student liked: animations, graphic novels, films, etc



Link to explorations project