Jessica Dickson
Hello by Adele

My name is Jessica Dickson and I am a junior taking on my first year of Freestyle. Currently I have decided to choose Digital Media as my main class to excel and succeed in learning which will teach me how to create websites, music, animations, flash fiction, etc. Along with digital media class I am also taking design and english. I am looking forward to the assignments that I will be assigned in these classes. Each of the tabs labeled conceptual, narrative, documentary, and project four below are linked to different websites, which showcases what we did for that unit in all three of my classes. All of the content on my website is based off of the lessons that were given in english which we then applied in my two other classes to create artistic pieces of work. For example in the Conceptual unit for english we wrote four different styles of poems. In digital media we took those poems recorded them and applied music to the beginning and end of the recording. We then uploaded them to my conceptual website I made to showcase these poems and soon the rest of my projects that i complet in Freestyle. In design we took a poem of choice and produced a photo that creatively and insightfully express what the poem was expressing. Overall, how I successfully put together this website was through an application called Dreamweaver which allowed me create websites from scratch. Once I did that I then customized my website to my preferences. I laid out my website in a way that let me show off all my accomplishments during this unit and units to come. Through the process of completing the conceptual unit i was able to expand my knowledge on creating websites, creating music, how to use a camera, and finally to think more artistically. I now have the basic skills on how to use these applications independently.

This is a image of my conceptual website.

Through this unit I developed abstract thinking and commniction skills. During this unit we produced poetry in English, photographs in design, and finally a website along with videos that included a photo image of the poems we wrote in english with audio and music in the background.

The image to the left takes you to my Conceptual website that I produced.

This is an image of my nattive website coming soon

In this unit to come we will poduce a graphic novel in Design, write flash ficition in English, and create an animation based off of my graphic novel.

The image to the left takes you to my Narrative website that I produced.


his is an image of my documentary website coming soon

In this unit I produced a research based magazine in Eglish, created a magazine article and photographed a protraits of my documentary subject in Design, and finally created a documentary commerical using after affects.

The image to the left takes you to my Documentary website that I produced.

his is an image of my exploration website coming soon

In this unit I produced portrait shots of fellow freestyle students using 21 century skills to showcase my passion. Then I presented this work as my semester 2 final project to my classmates. In English I researched this topic and created a infographic.

The image to the left takes you to my Explorations website that I produced.