Who Am I?

A Inside Look

The purpose of the Reflections Project is to showcase our creative writing, digital photography, graphic design, and media production. In English we wrote a Lyrical Essay based on an interview of a person that identifies differently than me. In Design we created a cool photo by shooting in HDR. We edited the photo in Photoshop, making it black and white and then making the roses in color. After the editing was done, we reassembled the photo. In Digital Media I created a Cool photo video using After Effects to produce a 3D of my cool photo photograph. I also wrote a perspective essay giving my perspective on an issue relevant to me. Then I recorded myself reading my essay and created a video with pictures moving in the background with After Effects. My goal throughout this project was to really develop insights about my experiences and identity.


The perspective Video is based on my perspective of a relevant issue. It shows my side of the issue and how to solve it. I choose to talk about the dress code in high school and how strict it’s become cause it’s to distracting. Through making this video it made me realize that this is a very relevant issue that girls are facing. Also I was able to expand my skill sets and becoming more comfortable with using After Effects application. The video shows who I am and what I value through my perspective of this topic.
In After Effects I used 3D techniques to create a video capturing my Cool Photo. I used shadows and lighting to make it seem 3D instead of 2D. I also used the camera tool to get the different angles of my cool photo. In class we went through multiple tutorials showing me all the different techniques which provided as practice.


In design we shot photos in HDR to capture a intense clear photo. From this we inserted it into Photoshop and editied the photos to be in Black and White. Then I selected the roses and decided to put those in color to show sigfiance of the pedals.
Lyrical Essay: Who are you? A student in college, a theater major, a sarcastic individual, an only child. But, who are you really? ... You’re not quite sure how to answer that. In the LGBTQ community, the B is silent. SuBtle douBt, Full of douBt. You realized if you come out, you would be clumped into a group. “A type.” A type that you don’t want to be known as because you are you and nothing should change that. You grew up sheltered. And that “type” wasn’t ever talked nor to be talked about in your household. You were taught by your parents how to act like a normal young adult. But you're not normal and they don’t know that. You're afraid that they will clump you into that “type”. So you're careful who you tell. You learned how to judge character, so you’ll know if they will have an opinion. You want people to know, there’s much more to you than what you see from the outside. Much more to you then being the B in the LGBTQ community. You have come to terms on who you are, You didn’t change yourself, but you feel like a different person. So, who are you really? ... I am me. But you are whoever you want to be