Kathryn McClellan
photo of Katy McClellan

Loretta, my sister, on the left

My name is Kathryn McClellan, and I'm a student at Freestyle Academy. At Freestyle, I take Digital Media, English, and Design. Freestyle Academy is unique in that everything you do as a student relates to something else. An essay written in English will turn into inspiration for a photo shoot in Design. A photo you take in Design will be uploaded to the website you build in Digital Media. The classes work together to create an experience that engages nearly all of the aspects of thought on a single concept or assignment. Each of the images below leads to a project done with input from all three classes, using various programs and techniques learned throughout the year.

The first project, the conceptual project, had us working with Protools, a program for recording and mixing sound, Dreamweaver, the program that helped us build this website, our cameras and Photoshop, helping us create the design art, and Animate, the program we used to compile our photo haikus.

The conceptual project focused on using unconventional forms of expression with an emphasis on taking creative risks.
conceptual homepage
The narrative project explores how to tell a structured story visually, rather than through dialogue, relying on imagry and action.
narrative homepage
The documentary project was the creation of a book about an interesting person, place, or topic, using profile-style writing to explore the subject.
documentary homepage
The explorations project focuses on exploring and improving upon a personal passion that adresses one or more of the 21st century skill sets.
explorations homepage