Emory Harkins

Hello, I am Emory Harkins and this is the website I have created to form a portfolio for all of the websites I have made in my fist year at Freestyle Academy.

I have created a lot of things throught this year that I am very proud of. I will introduce myself a little before talking about the projects more. My name is Kearstyn Harkins and I was a junior in high school when I made all of these projects, including this website that incompasses them.

In this website we have a collection of things during our conceptual unit. In this unit we mostly just explored different things we could make at Freestyle Academy and tried to find out what interested us. - see http://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/~KearstynH/conceptual
In the narrative unit we created our own original stories and brought it to life using programs we learned to use in the conceptual unit. We recorded ourselves reading our stories and added original songs and sound effects in Pro Tools. - see http://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/~KearstynH/narrative1
Brief intro about Project 3 - see http://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/3
Project 4 Title
Brief intro about Project 4 - see http://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/4