In the Narrative unit, I  was able to explore the entire process of creating my own original story and content to go along with it. In English class, we created our stories, which were workshopped for weeks before we were finished. In my chosen elective, Digital media, we created an audiobook version of our stories and made music to accompany our voices. Additionally, we made art for the songs we created for these projects and uploaded them to Sound Cloud for others to hear. We also made this website and all the art that was used in the headers of each section. In Design, we made illustrations of an original character made fusing three different animals that represented different aspects of our main character's personality.

Screen shot of Dream Weaver session Picture of Pro Tools session Picture of Adobe session of character Picture of header art boards

For my Flash Fiction story, it took me a few days of thinking to really finalize what I wanted to write about. I had bounced around with different ideas and started writing the beginnings of stories several times before I had found what I thought I could make a great story out of. After I had found out what I wanted the main plot to be, it didn't take long for me to finish writing the rough draft and start revising my story to what became the finished product. Below is the final draft of my narrative story.




Dianne diligently poured a thick greenish liquid into a plate and walked over to a box that radiated a faint heat even with the door closed. She pulled a lever on the door of the gray box and it opened with a hiss as steam floated up from the new crevice. She placed the plate in the box and closed the door, turning the lever counterclockwise to secure it.

With a proud smile, she went over to her notebook, which was lying open with an old black pen lying in its margin. She picked up the pen and scrawled down a few notes on the stained pages.

She was in the middle of writing down a formula when a warm orange color danced into her vision.

She turned sharply, unsure if some chemicals had gotten knocked over. To her relief and utter confusion, she found that all her test tubes were secured in their racks, but there was a small glowing, misshapen orb bouncing around the floor.

She watched, frozen in place, as it zipped around her lab. She studied it as best she could, which didn’t accumulate to much since it seemed to have an inability to stall for even a moment.

The creature was energetic and looked almost slightly transparent as it bounced around haphazardly. It was hazy at the edges and didn’t seem to quite have a definite end of its body. It almost looked like a small rabbit, but its ears were shorter and more blunt and it had a cartoonishly round body. The creature looked much smaller than a rabbit, it was around the size of Dianne’s palm.

Maybe she could take a small DNA sample and examine it a bit before she called an actual animal expert. She bent down towards the creature and, as expected, it lept out of her reach. She let out a slight huff of annoyance as she knelt down and tried to coax it over to her. This plan also failed – even when the creature got close to her it always jumped away before she had a chance to try to grab for it.

She moved to stand again when suddenly a faint purple light filtered into her vision. She turned, stunned again, as she stared at the new visitor. A woman stood looking down at the orange creature. Dianne watched in stunned silence as the woman looked at the orange creature and, wordlessly, held out her hand, which the creature jumped into without hesitation.

The creature seemed to vibrate with hardly restrained energy as the woman brought it to her chest and the creature disappeared behind her hand. She nearly turned to leave without even seeing Dianne, before Dianne accidentally knocked a test tube off a counter, causing the purple woman to turn to her with surprise.

Dianne stared back, her shaky knees betraying her feigned confidence as she raised a rusted scalpel in warning, bracing herself against the table behind her for fear that her knees might give out.

The woman turned to Dianne, facing her completely and giving her a look of detached interest that made an involuntary shiver race down Dianne’s spine. They stared at one another for a few seconds with growing curiosity before the woman walked closer to Dianne and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Before Dianne could make a move to jerk away, their surroundings seemed to morph around them; the woman and Dianne herself were the only things that remained unchanged.

A moment later, they stood in the middle of what looked like a field, but instead of lush grass, the ground was covered by something fluffy and a nearly blinding white. The strange substance parted like fog when she moved, but seemed thicker than fog normally would be.

Dianne looked around questioningly before looking at the woman again. The woman stared at her observantly for a moment before she led the two of them through the field silently. When they finally stopped in the center of the large open space, she sat Dianne down on a solid, oblong, object lying on its side and taking a step away from her.

She watched as the woman went from completely corporeal to fading into several of the orange creatures that Dianne had seen in her lab. Dianne opened her mouth to ask what was happening, but she found that no words came out of her mouth.

There was an instant panic that caused Dianne’s heartbeat to pound in her ears unyieldingly before a strange sense of calm overcame her. Her fearful confusion had become hesitant acceptance of the strangeness around her.

She watched silently as the creatures bounced around her, vanishing in the fog for a moment before appearing again in random intervals. She felt an urge to...understand, but something about this situation left her with the feeling that she wouldn’t be able to crack this code.

So. She watched with wonder as the orbs continued their sporadic movements unrelentingly.


For this assignment, we were asked to create a hybrid creatuure based off of the main character of our short story. We needed to use pieces of our character's personality to create a unique and insiteful representation of our main character to show what we have learned in Adobe Illustrator and show off some of our creativity.

This is the original rough sketch of my character
This is the original rough sketch of my character

For this illustration, I chose to express the fact that my main character, Dianne, is independent, clumsy, and intellegent. I used a mountin lion for her head and arms to show that she is independent. Mountain lions are ferecely protective of their territory and are not pack animals in the slightest. they work independently and often chase off other mountian lions if they get too close. I used the body of a walrus to show that Dianne is clumsy. Walruses are very clumsy out of water and can not really get around without looking rediculous. Finally, I chose to put a turtle shell on the back of my character to show that she is wise. Turtles are often depicted as wise and cautious, like Dianne is in my story.

For the clothes that I put on Dianne, I chose a simple lab coat and a pair of modified glasses to show that she is smart and a scientist. There is not as much subtlety in the clothes as there was in the actual creation of the character, but Dianne is not very subtle either. She is looking at a glowing orb, because there was a strange inexplicable creature in her lab that started off the story that I made.

Example of poses shot to use as referance for my character
Example of poses shot to use as referance for my character


We took referance photos of people and animals in order to keep proportions in order and make sure that our creature did not end up looking too strange, dispite the fact that the hybrids we made were strange ones. I used these photos to help me decide how I wanted my character to be positioned and looked back on the pictures several times when I found something in my creature that I wanted to tweak. These referance pictures also helped me generate new ideas of what I wanted my character to be doing in the picture so that they would not just be standing in a stock still and unnatural position.

Dianne is in the middle of a colorful landscape
Dianne sitting in the center of a bright background

My flash fiction, titled Compliance, is about a scientist named Dianne. Dianne starts off the story making an unknown substance. She is lost in her own thoughts when an interesting, alien orange creature finds its way in her lab. After trying to catch the creature for quite some time, she is just about to give up when a woman emerged from nowhere. This woman had a faint purple glow to her. When the woman noticed Dianne, she transported her to a different world. Dianne tried to comprehend the phenomenon, but when she could not find an answer she decided to accept the inexplicable.

For the actual picture, we started with rough sketches of different animals. We had to merge these sketches together to show off the traits of our main character. It was difficult to find three animals to put together to make the character look cohesive. We needed to use linear perspective in our background, which I utilized to make the trees gradually disappear on the horizon line. I chose a mountain lion, turtle, and walrus hybrid to display the personality of my character. A mountain lion because they are very headstrong and don’t work with other animals, which helps show how individualistic Dianne is. A turtle because they are wise and often keep to themselves. I chose a walrus due to how ridiculously clumsy Dianne is. Her inability to coordinate her mind and body is something that leads to some major plot-points in the story. For the background, there is a strangely colored world that is reminiscent of our own. I chose this background because it is what I pictured the world that the purple woman took Dianne to as looking like. I gave her animal form a lab coat and glasses as well because that is what she wore in the story. I am really happy with how my picture turned out. I worked really hard on this piece and I think the final result reflects my effort.


We made several pieces of music to accompany our audio book. We used our knowledge of Pro Tools and the different applications inside of Pro Tools in order to create a soundtrack for our story.


The first piece that I focused on was the theme for my character, which starts as soon as the character gets introduced. I made the music using classical string instruments in Pro Tools in order to show that, while she is a curious person, she doesn't really stray far from natural ideas at the beginning of the story. She is hesitant, as many would be, to acknowledge what she is seeing and is scared of the oddness of this discovery. I also made an electronic undertone to show how she gradually accepts the new and strange beings she has incountered.

Picture of character theme Pro Tools session.



The second piece I wanted to work on was the overall theme of the story. I wanted to work on this fairly quickly in the process, because I wanted to be able to change things in the story if I found a new feeling that I wanted to pursue or even change the ending if I decided to. Having this flexibility gave me the ability to shange as much as I wanted and rerecord the reading of my story as much as I wanted to in order to get teh best results.

Picture of Narration Theme Pro Tools session.



The last piece of music that I finished was the climax. I worked on this part last because I felt that getting across the emotions I wanted to would take the most effort, so I wanted to make sure that I was deep into the project and knew exactly how I wanted people to feel at that point of the story. Giving myself that extra time helped me find exactly what I wanted and caused me to be proud of what I created, not only for this piece of music, but of the project overall.

Picture of Climax Pro Tools session.



As a class, we also made an exquisite corpse song. An exquisite corpse is made by gathering together many different creators and making a piece of art, whether that is audio or visual. We focused on EDM, electronic dance music, to make our exquisite corpse piece. We each made 8 bars of a song, the only requirements for the project were that the song had to be at 120 bmp, and we had to use Reason, a new program we were learning through this project.

This is a screen shot of Reason which was the program we used for this project.
Audio Book

For the Audio Book, there were several different aspects of what we had learned in Digital Media that had to come together in order to finish the project. We had to make our own music, which we were able to do because of what we had learned in Pro Tools. We used several different parts of Pro Tools in order to make our music complete, like the virtual piano and Boom. There have been many things that I have learned while making this project. We learned how to add SFX to our audio that makes the audio more entertaining. I added sounds like breaking glass and gass leaking into the air in order to give those that listen to my piece of work a more immersive and pleasant experience.

This was a really exciting project for me to do. I've always been interested in music, writing, and drawing; to be able to explore with creating  in such a detailed and expansive way was amazing. A lot of work went into this project and I'm extremely proud of what I have created. I am infinately greatful that I am able to create such amazing things due to Freestyle Academy and find out what I may want to pursue as a career in a media field.

Below is a picture of the Pro Tools session of my final narration, and at the bottom of the page is the audio for my narration.

A picture of the Pro Tool session that I worked in to create my finished narration