Conceptual Photo

The objects in my photograph are a container of the kind that holds medications, filled with beads and pills. The beads and the pills are mixed in together inside the container. The pills are white so that they would be seen as dull next to the brightly colored beads. The container is there to hold the beads and the pills together, and the beads are meant to surround the pills, making it more beads than pills. I chose to have a solid colored background as to not be distracting, as well as emphasize the contrast between the bright and plain colors.

In portraying my concept statement in my photo, I thought back to when my grandmother was sick, and our family gathered around her as she was going through this difficult journey. The pills in my photo are meant to represent a sick person, in my case my grandmother. The beads, which are more brightly colored and abundant than the pills, are meant to symbolize loved ones. The beads surround the pills, just as sick people are surrounded by their families during their time of need. These objects are placed inside a box. The box is meant to act as a protective casing, holding everything together and keeping everything safe.