So I have a younger brother. A lot of y’all know him. Some of you like him better than me. It’s okay I get it, he’s a cool guy. Anyway, he’s the baby of the family and I always refer to him as my little brother or you know, the baby, cuz he is the baby. Recently though, I realized I have to start referring to him as my younger brother instead of my little brother cuz sometimes, when someone has never met him, they expect like a littler brother. And then they meet him and he’s like 6 foot 1 and they ask me “oh Layla is this your older brother?”. I mean, I talk about my brother all the time, like people know I have a little brother. But then I was at exhibition and Ms. P thought he was older than me and I was like woah woah woah. Back up a sec. Thanks for that Ms. P cuz now he won’t stop holding it over my head. Whatever dude, at least I wasn’t almost named Jerry. Can you believe that, my father really almost had the nerve to call him Jerry. The Dessouki family: Rasha, Amr, Layla, and Jerry. The rest of us, with our Arabic names, and Jerry. Like come on dude, even my American cousins have Arabic names. Obviously he wasn’t named Jerry, my grandma got real mad at my dad and said he couldn’t name his kid Jerry because of Tom and Jerry. That was her logic. He couldn’t name her grandson the same name as a cartoon mouse. So she kinda came through with that one. Actually, she kinda comes through for us for a lot of things. Like this one time, my parents went out of town really suddenly so my brother had a party. Grandma just stayed in her room and didn’t even tell my parents about it. They found out anyway, because this one kid who obviously is not so bright came and he told his mom about, knowing full well that our moms are best friends. Speaking of parties Jimmy had his own little party once cuz my parents decided to spend the night in San Francisco. It was a Saturday night and it was like 8:30, so obviously I was doing what any person my age would be doing on a Saturday night at this time, I was asleep. I love my 8:30 bedtime. So my dog and I were fast asleep in my room, when suddenly the lights turn on the I hear giggling and it wakes me up. I look up, and I see like five almost naked girls taking selfies in my mirror. Like hello, you’re 14 and also, get out of my room. I said something but I don’t think any of them heard me. So I’m just watching them take these pictures from my bed, and suddenly one of them sees me. They all start screaming and “oh my gosh there’s a girl in here there’s a girl in here!”. As if I’m the random girl that’s not supposed to be in there. As if. I live here ladies, the door was closed, y’all woke me up and you’re acting like I’m not supposed to be in here? Lol sike ladies, go clean up the kitchen.