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Luke Davies
This is a photo of me!

Howdy, partner.

My name is Luke Davies, and I like to make stuff.

I am a student at Freestyle Academy, enrolled in the Digital Media elective. Enrollment in the Freestyle program has allowed me to work with professional hardware and software, including the Adobe Suite, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, DSLR photography and videography, and studio and field recording of foley, ADR, and music. All of this has been done either by myself, or with the cooperation of my peers or professionals. Included below are redirect links to various projects and productions I have completed during my enrollment at Freestyle Academy thus far. Each image will take you to one of these productions. Each of these productions required at least 10 hours of work, curricular and extracurricular, with highly complex scheduling and planning. Stay a while, it's nice around here.

(Also, there's some spooky music up there, in that neat little box. You can play it if you haven't heard it already. I made it)

The primary goals of this project was to consider and build upon conceptual limits in production of art. I felt that this limitation demanded a deeper requirement of thinking from me, which allowed for more interesting results in the art I’ve produced.
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For this project, I worked with various art forms in producing a structured visual narrative, without using video or photography. Contained under this link is my narrative art, including a short story I wrote titled "Shriek".
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(This portal to be completed in 2018)- see http://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/3 for more information
This is my documentary photograph
(This portal to be completed in 2018) - see http://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/4 for more information
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