The primary goals of the past few months at Freestyle Academy were to consider and build upon conceptual limits in production of art. In the beginning of August, I was given a conceptual statement, which I was limited in my abilities to produce art from. My conceptual statement was “I am exploring the feeling of irritation through the experience of trying new foods”. Initially, this was a very frustrating concept to build off of, as there was little metaphorical or hidden meaning to grow with from it. However, I felt that this limitation created a deeper requirement of thinking for me, which allowed for more interesting results in the art I’ve produced.


Included here are a select few poetry pieces, which were written by me. Included is a free verse poem, spoken word poem, and an ekphrastic poem.

Ekphrastic Poem

The 1st poetry piece is my ekphrastic poetry. A piece of ekphrastic poetry is defined as a poetry piece written in response to a piece of art. To encourage this creative process, I visited the SFMOMA, at which I observed various selections of art, in varied mediums and shuffled time periods. Over the course of a few hours, I observed art from all corners of the globe, and from times long passed. I chose to write my poetry about *PH-795*. I found it’s simplicity intriguing, and the lack of great contrast both in color and light was greatly unique.

Ekphrastic Poem Thumbnail Ekphrastic Poem Thumbnail
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Afternoon, dear friend. Though this meeting be contemporary, I see within your skin a familiar sense. Here am I, and here you are. Daily your kind feasts on my skin, My beauty, my complexions, my edges rough and my composition bare. But I, you, us. Estranged, yet the best of friends. Stay a while, boy, feast of my nature. Listen to the dialect so rarely you perceive in fluency in your world. Haven, peace, or perhaps danger. What am I. Who will you create, Given my simple colors yet my complex conviction. Within these strokes, my curvatures what diction do you find? I am pieces, you will arrange me. Decipher my enigma, dear stranger. Let me entrance your eyes Caress your cranium. Fall in love with me, dear friend. I will seize you, constrain the logical Liberate the colors of your soul. I know your kind, boy. You’ll always come back to me, Because I am emotion, I am power and freedom. I juxtapose the chaos, I silence the sinner. Come cleanse such a filthy mind. Drown yourself inside of me. It’s the only way you’ll learn to breathe.

Free Verse Poem

This free verse poetry was based off of the conceptual statement used for my haiku. The goals of this poetry piece were to firstly experiment with the free verse genre, exploring it’s quirks and faults if you will. The 2nd was to produce a narrative from our conceptual statement. The following video is me reciting this piece over music which was produced by myself.

Spoken Word Poetry

The 3rd poetry piece included is spoken word poetry. this varied from the previous projects, because it was designed to be produced by a vocalist and rather than read, listened to. I've purposely created a stark difference in word choice, rhythm, and conviction.


This project is a combination of skill in digital media and linguistic study. In the following video, I recite a haiku which I wrote in August of 2017, which I’ve added and produced within video. During the process of writing, I was assigned an emotion and an experience which I should base my haiku off of, which was I am experiencing the feeling of disappointment through trying new foods.
For this project we were encouraged to write with metaphorical meaning, rather than literal. For the video aspect of our production, we were told to choose an image (taken by ourselves) which would relate to the haiku. To follow a deeply metaphorical meaning, I chose an image which I took in New York of a traditional church house bell. In the Bible through multiple images, the word or gospel of God is described as a feast for the hungry soul, which is the intended interpretation of the previous statement.

This is a screenshot of my haiku video production in Premiere Pro

This is a screenshot of my haiku video production in Premiere Pro

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Transport and Texture in Macro
This is a macro shot of a skateboard This is a macro shot of a skateboard
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Pictured here is a skateboard on a concrete curb. This photograph was taken in my backyard, where a wall of vines and leaves supplied an aesthetically pleasing green background. The time which I took this photo was approximately 18:00, which allowed for a neutral lighting yet providing a lack of major shadowing. I chose to shoot from this lower angle as a study of texture, this photograph was taken with a main goal of producing a beauty and complexity of texture, color, and depth. This proved difficult due to the shallow depth of field and the skateboard being positioned at an angle. However, I feel I have succeeded in producing an image with a touchable figure, providing textures both soft and hard, smooth and rough, as seen through the wheel, the concrete curb, and the maple deck of the skateboard. Post processing was applied in relatively little amounts to this image. Obviously, color and light were altered to provide a broader range of dynamic, yet a depth of color which is both calming and intriguing. Various parts of this image were altered to provide crisper detailing, sharper contrast, which I felt helped added to the textural study this photo provides. This photograph underwent multiple beta edits which were either a muse to the final image or were ultimately thrown out. Feast.

Conceptual Art
This is my Conceptual Art This is my conceptual Art
Click image to view in HD

Contained in this photograph is an eccentric concoction of foods and ingredients, which have been placed together to amplify the feelings of irritation. The foods have been placed haphazardly to portray various attempts at producing something new which is organized and proper, but left unorderly to show irritation through the lack of success. The lighting was used to lead the viewer towards the central point of the photograph, where the largest amounts of “mush” are found. The slightly overexposed foreground proves itself slightly harsh, which reduces the likelihood of the viewer being distracted from the focal point. This photograph’s shallow field of view in an attempt to create a central focus. This photograph was created to exemplify my conceptual statement, I interpreted this as the attempt to create new foods rather than consume. This photograph attempts to portray a story, in which one attempts to produce new foods, but ultimately fails. This is seen through the haphazard composition of ingredients, the fork placed under the foods and the “mush” feel found throughout the photograph. This photograph underwent a vast amount of post processing. Attempts were made to increase the dynamic range of light, allowing for an attempted focus of light which did not leave any portion of the photograph absurdly over or underexposed. Contrast and sharpening was applied to various portions of the photo to increase the touchable feel. The blue shading of this image was created to evoke a negative response from the viewer. The ultimate goal of this image is to evoke feelings of disgust, which resembles the feelings of irritation from the conceptual statement.


This project was created as a parody to the original piece. The original track is the song “Tears Don’t Fall” by Bullet for My Valentine. To create this project, I was told to write lyrics for a song, which we would record over the original. The process of this project was divided into two parts, the first involved manipulating the audio to remove the vocalists track. Obviously, the achievement of such a goal is never entirely possible, however due to various manipulations and alterations in digital workstations. In the digital program Pro Tools we altered the audio files by *PROCESS*. The second part of this project involved writing lyrics for the parody, and recording the new vocalist track. This was done at the recording studios at Freestyle Academy, and processing was done both at my personal workstation and the academy workstations. The lyrics are a tribute to communism, if you will. The production of such lyrics was created with entirely comedic intent, not to be taken seriously (that’s a discussion for another time). This was greatly inspired by an inside joke between a fellow student and myself.

Included here are experimental music productions, which were produced using various virtual instruments and mastered in Pro Tools 12. This audio was produced with the intent of having a, for lack of better word, spooky feel to it, due to it’s production being two weeks before Halloween. Ultimately, this music is produced with the intent of creating the “toes on the edge” sort of feel within the consumer. This music was produced with three different VST plugins (Virtual Studio Technology) which produced the virtually analog, early 80’s synthesizer sounds. After using these virtual instruments to create the sounds, they underwent a vastly complex mastering process, which includes equalization, compression, modulation, delays, reverbs, and stereo-spacing. These sounds were electronically produced as a MIDI sequence, which was quantized and ordered to verbalize in a more perfectly rhythmic method. This audio was produced in four hours of working time over the course of two days, with which I have contained audio which is impressive, given the time constraints.