The purpose of this unit was to showcase our skills and abilities in the digital art world; this includes digital photography, written works, audio engineering, graphic design and web production. We've portrayed our skills in digital art through the production of an original story, this involved multiple rough drafts of writing, multiple hours recording audio in our studio, mixing and mastering of sounds and effects, Along with various other visual artforms. All of the art on this website is produced by me, both the images and the audio provided in these pages. This website was produced using Adobe Dreamweaver, through the process of about 15 hours of work, most of the code used for this website was written by me.


Included here is my short story. This project required skills in both the fields of linguistic expression and digital craftsmanship. This story underwent various rough drafts, with changes set forth in character type, setting, and climaxes. After our final draft was produced, we were tasked with recording our story, in an audiobook-esque form. Alogside this, we were required to create three pieces of music, one of which was a character theme, one during the climax of the story, and one for the resolution. This was my personal favorite part of this project, as audio production is a personal hobby of mine. After this, we mixed foley sounds with our music and vocal performance of our story, which is now our final project. This entire process took more than 20 hours of work, both at school and extracurricular. Professional tools and software were usedfor this production. Included below is my story, titled "Shriek", the audio recorded version of this is on the "Audio Book" page.


The mornings always start with a sigh. The crinkle of tired sheets, and the ruffling of hard hands. The mornings always start with a sigh. Of the mind, the body. Awakening at last. Tori wakes to the noise of the trees. Every morning the pines would dance and shake, as a cabaret for the newly woken world. Before the sun, before the day felt real, the trees danced for her. Greeting her in an unknown tongue, yet a gentle hello. Often, she would greet them too. Tori wakes in a small bed in an even smaller room. The walls, once a pink so mellow they seemed to whisper joyful words, are now stained with smoke of salad days and poster art that somehow survived such times. A glass window slouches against the left wall, carefully surveying trees and woodlands below her. The house sits upon a filthy hill in a filthy country, far away from any other filthy creatures, just how she likes it. She always will The sky is freshly painted, composed of enticing navy and a violet so dark it would often drown you. She liked this time of morning, where the world is still being pieced together, and the air is so cold it seems to caress your hair and kiss your ankles as you stride. The forest was inviting and safe, traced with the deepest colors and dotted with strange noises, ne’er distracting, always perfect. She steps lightly, first with her toes and then with her heels through the soft grasses and dirt of the forest. This is the daily ritual, to find peace in a peaceless world. She walks slowly, tracing the leaves and skimming the dirt, birds sing as she walks along. She stands in the open forest, as she has for most of her days. And for a moment, she exists. Not the trees, not the birds, not the unknown world beyond the foliage, in this moment all that exists is Tori. Tori, her long crumpled shirt and the dirt which holds her. She lives in this alternative universe for just a moment, she feels the wind sing it’s song in her ear, and the world fade from her mind. But as she begins to open her eyes, she stares. A newcomer, a creature. Rather ugly, a bit tall and skinny, with legs like branches and a face of stone. And for a moment, she considers welcoming him to the new world she has created, just now. For just then, the creature yells. A shriek so horrible and terrifying, she doubted whether it existed. It seemed to cause the trees to cringe, and the grass to cry. What was this madness? Who dared to let it enter into her perfect world? This creature reached deep into Tori’s heart, grasping it’s fine veins and stealing away all hope. Even as it bound towards the foliage with its long, thin limbs, the scents and smells of the forest vanished, tracing the steps of the creature, nipping at its trails. The forest became colder, more strikingly dangerous, less familiar than ever before. As it was to her, when she arrived. Mystery stricken with emphasis of danger, not adventure. It whispered in her ears and struck her cheeks and lips. She scurries back to her home within the woods, and upon reaching it, locks the door promptly. The sun is setting, the sky is freshly painted, composed of parading oranges and a red so dark it seemed to drown her. The evenings always end with a sigh.


For our illustration, we were assigned to create a visual form of one of our characters from our short story, created from the essences of real animals. I chose to portray the antagonist of my short story, as I felt it would be much more difficult to physically portray Tori. For this character, I drew from a human, a cheetah, and an octopus, using various aptitudes of each to create the final character. To create this illustration, we used Adobe Illustrator, which we used to construct our rough drafts into a more professional looking product. We combined our skills of digital craftsmanship with color theory and design theory.

Initial Character Sketch
Initial Character Sketch

For this, we were instructed to create an initial sketch of a character from our Narrative Story. I decided to portray the antagonist character, which I have not given a name. I tried to draw from a human figure, with essences of a cheetah and an octopus. Alongside this, we were instructed to create clothing which our character would wear.

Character Pose Illustration
Character Poses

We were told to take images of a human or other character which we woould use to draw inspiration from. I wanted to portray the character as rather relaxed initially.

Antagonist Final Illustration
Antagonist Final Illustration

For this project, we were assigned to produce a short story, with which we were to design a character. My short story produced only two characters, which gave me relatively limited choice to select which character to portray. In the end, I chose the antagonist (unnamed), because I thought the main character portrayed a spirit manifestation, rather than a physical appearance. Initially, we created a rough sketch of our character based on various elements of other animals; this was rather interesting, as that I had to decide which animals to draw from, in the end I chose human, cheetah, and squid, to represent a character which was cunning, intelligent, and quick. We began with an initial sketch, of our character and their habitat. After this was completed, we began working with Adobe Illustrator, with which the final project was completed. This took tens of hours of work time, and a complex understanding of how the software behaves. Initially, the background proved difficult to create in an immersive way, as this required the usage of linear perspective, however, this challenge allowed me to more deeply examine my skills as an artist with the tools which were provided. My character was placed in the woodlands, as this is where I imagined it to live.


Included in this page is all of the music I produced for this project. Audio production is a hobby of mine, so incorporation of this into my project felt natural and realistic. I was lucky during this project, in that I had professional tools away from Freestyle Academy which allowed me to continue my audio productions in my extracurricular time. Due to my passion for music, this was the most developed aspect of my narrative project. For this project we were assigned to produce three tracks, which were a Character Theme, Story Motif, and Story Climax Theme. I produced these music pieces in Logic Pro X, after which they were mixed with dialogue and sound effects in Pro Tools.

This is my Story Theme piece. For this piece, I wanted to use a variety of analog and digital instruments; the electric piano track was a VST instrument, while the sub-bass was created using hardware synthesizers. The crash cymbal was sequenced and borrowed from a different recording. The goal of this piece was to portray the forest in which the protagonist lives in a healthy light, a place in which people could feel at peace and feel welcome. Ultimately, the goal was to provoke an emotional response which felt very personal, and "human".

This piece was my personal favorite to produce. From the beginning I wanted to have the climax moment intertwined with music, with the essential theme of abstract weirdom. This song came about while I was playing around with my hardware synths and guitar pedals. To create this song, I ran my synth through a reverb pedal, which ran through a gate pedal which altered at random. This song was performed on the fly, with multiple takes, each of which were extremely unique. I adjusted the synth's cutoff, octaves, pitch glide, waveform, and notes. Whiel doing this, I adjusted the reverb mix, early reflection levels, resonation length, high pass, and low pass. At the same time, I adjusted the cutoff range, frequency, and panning. This all was done at the same time, with each recording resulting in a new change. After the recording was done, I added chorus and compression to the audio, to further emphasize the unnatural nature of the track. I feel this greatly complimented the antagonist.

For this song, I wanted to test how well I could record audio with the microphone on my cell phone. This frankly pissed me off, as that my phone recorded audio at a low bitrate and in mono, resulting in poor sounding recordings. However, I found that this challenge proved itself quite entertaining, as it required me to think creatively about how to alter audio to make it sound more professional given my limitations. A synth pad track was added to the intro of this piece, which was created from a sample of the human voice, altered scores of times over.

Down there to the right in the little box is the original recording, unaltered, as it was directly from my phone. Just for fun.

Another project we took part in was a classwide production of Electronic Dance Music. For this, we learned how to use the music software Reason, with which we produced music. This was interesting, in that I had never used this software before. For this project we were assigned 8 bars, which were stitched together to produce our class music production, which is titled "Exquisite Corpse". Edgy, I know.

Audio Book

Included on this page is my final mixed and mastered recording of my short story. This inovlved dedication of time both at school and out, and took multiple hours of work. This is the accumulation of my music and my story. The entire production of this took over 50 hours over the course of a few months, and I hope that it shows through my craftsmanship and production style. Cheers.