Hi im Matthew Cremoux and welcome to my conceptual website. Over the course of my first 2 month at Freestyle Academy my classmates and I took on the job of learning what conceptual art is and creating some of our own work. We learn that conceptual art isn't just about looks but about the deeper maybe even darker meaning of art. We learn many adobe applications to create this stunning website including Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, DreamWeaver, and Photoshop. Every project started with a writing process in english class, first we wrote Haiku and made Premiere Pro videos to go with it. After we began Poetry and a Photography unit in design each unit enhanced my skills in Premiere Pro and Pro Tools.

Ekphrastic Poem

The Ekphrastic unit made we think very creatively and think about simple object or photos more deeply. The Unit completely opened my eyes to hidden message and meanings in every small thing that i would have never thought about before coming too Freestyle. I loved this unit because it made me free to speak about something that I felt was really important to many people including me. I also enjoyed walking around the San Francisco museum of conceptual art and taking photos of the artwork I want to write about. This unit was also fun because I learned how us the ISO booth and recorded using Pro Tools.

Photo of Sound Sculpture at the SF MOMA that inspired this ekphrastic poem. Photo of Sound Sculpture at the SF MOMA that inspired this ekphrastic poem.
Click on image to see enlargened version.

Nowhere to go
Yet nowhere to be
Why must i move,
In this sloshing water
Colliding with problems
That are inevitable
How can i stop this
Or even slow down
Nothing i can do but,
Sit in this vibrant blue water that I call

Free Verse Poem

The Free Verse was my favorite unit because I had the freedom to write anything I want. I wrote something that was deep inside of me. I went to the studio and let out what i was feeling. I believe that it's my most powerful peace and I put the most effort into making the recording and the Premiere Pro video. I loved recording myself play the piano and using it as background music to add another layer of depth to the final product. Final I add photos that gave the reader the Feeling that I was trying to portray through the free verse poem.

Spoken Word Poem

I wrote my spoken word poem about a accident that caused me to go to the hospital. It was about the emotions I was having when I was in this shocked stage. I spend many hours make the Premiere Pro video I loved learning how to use animation to give a really authentic feeling to the poem. I love creating sounds that would fit my poem. Going as far as cracking wood sticks to get effects and going to the mountains to record wind and even finding music that fit the feel I was trying to exert.


In this unit we were given a random concept statement that we picked out of a paper bag. This random statement made for a interesting challenge to create something interesting and unique. As extra I couldn't find a photo that fit my haiku so I took it in my own hand to make the photo myself. We had just acquired our new cameras and were not very familiar with them. But with the help of my sister and youtube I learn how to operate it and took a great photo that really add the the haiku a lot. Final I had to for the first time Create a Premiere Pro video this really made me realize the potential of the amazing creations I would be able to make using this amazing application.

A screenshot of my haiku video production in Premire Pro


Explain the transport and diptych assignments in design.

Transport Project
This is a photo of rollerblades. This is a photo of rollerblades.
Click on image to see enlargened version.

The objective of the photo is too take any object that is has a wheel and photograph it in an interesting way using everything I have been taught by my design class. I began by putting a skateboard in the middle of a lush field next to very bright green bushes and flowers because I loved the contrast it gave to the Skateboards red wheels. I took photos at the right time so that the shadow of the skateboard was not on the plants. The angle of the photo was taken from a higher view so the background was only the plants and not the stone wall behind. I start my Photoshop process with cropping my images I find the perfect size and then begin with brightening the wheels of the Skateboard by saturating the reds. I also unsaturated the greens because I didn't want them to be brighter than the red wheels.