Mikele Baugh
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Welcome. My name is Mikele Baugh. This website that you’re presently looking at, is something that I have created. How did it come to be? Through instruction in my Digital Media class, working hours both inside and outside of class, and the application Dreamweaver, I have been able to make what you see before you, a reality.

This web page is the portal through which anyone can view my various other projects. These projects include Conceptual, Narrative, Documentary, and Explorations websites. Each project is composed of the elements of new skills I am learning and developing. Though many are currently incomplete, It is my hope that as my skills develop, each project and website will surpass the last.

So take a look around. See what I have to offer. See what I can create.

The very first project: Conceptual. This website is the platform where I am showcasing the products of my first school quarter at Freestyle Academy. Some of my works include a conceptual art piece, an original musical piece, and the website itself. All of the assignments centered around the question "How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?"
Image of Conceptual Webiste
This project continues the development of skills. The core question is "How well can you visually tell a structured story?"
Soon to be an image of the Narrative Website.
"How do you creatively and truthfully portray a significant person, group, place, idea, or issue in the community?"
Soon to be an image of the Documentary Website
"How can you find, explore, and/or expand your passion?"
Soon to be an image of the Explorations Website