Morgan Fielding

Hell March from Command and Conquer red alert

My name is Morgan Fielding and my life has been dedicated to doing the things I love whether that be science, writing(which is strange for a dyslexic like me to like writing), or just playing video games when I can just to ease the tension from the work I have. I have never enjoyed my school experience more than at freestyle I always look forward toward freestyle at the end of my day. The Projects we have done here are amazing and fun. You can see some of my projects below, some things like my experimental music, animations, and much more stuff. I hope you enjoy my work!

The conseptual website will have projects like our expository essay and epermental music.
The narritive website will have projects like our graphic novel and short animation.
In the documentary website will have projects such as our intervews and our Magazine Article.
The explortion website will have my personal project.