Nisha Malley

Hi! My name is Nisha Malley and I am a first-year Freestyle student taking English, Digital Media, and Design. This website showcases all of the work I have done and will do during my time at Freestyle. Each section below will take you to a different project, where you can explore my photography, illustrations, music compositions, and more. So get comfy and click away! There's so much to see.

In the Conceptual unit, we explored unconventional mediums to express ourselves, especially using metaphor to communicate an idea.
In the Narrative unit, we practiced telling stories visually rather than with dialogue.
In the Documentary unit, we will creatively and accurately portray a person, organization, location, or idea.
In the Explorations unit, we will have the opportunity to explore any passion of our own, as long as we incorporate the technological skills we have developed at Freestyle.