Patrick Gaffney
Patrick Gaffney

My name is Patrick Gaffney and I am a student of Freestyle Academy in Mountain View. At Freestyle, I take Digital Media, Design and English. The week is split into two different days, one with a full day of Digital Media, and the other with English and Design.

The projects that I work on in each class are connected, and we use different programs and techniques to express our ideas and bring them all together. On this page you will see the projects that I have worked on in Freestyle. Here I have been able to develop new skills in graphic design, website creation and music production. My mastery of these skills are displayed in the Projects below

This project entails challenging myself to express my ideas and feelings in unconventional ways.
Image of Conceptual Website
This project focuses on creating a structured and detailed narrative story.
This project entails portraying an important person, place, group, idea or issue in the community in an honest way
Our final project of junior year had us find, explore and expand our passions.