Who Am I?

The Reflections Units purpose was for us to reflect on our time at freestyle as we prepare for our final year of highschool. In each of these projects we had to in some way think about ourselves as a person or in the case of the listener lyric we instead had to empathize with the person we were interviewing. This unit included more freedom than usual and allowed you to create some truly special work. In Digital Media we used after effects aswell as creating our own perspective video. In design we learned how to do HDR photography and attach it to metaphorical meaning, and finally in english we listened to someone who had undergone some kind of hardship and presented it tastefully within a lyrical essay.

Listener Lyric
For our listener lyric we were challenged to write a lyrical essay through listening to someone elses hardships or experiences and figuring out a creative way to present them while also being tasteful.
Ever since you was born nobody really known me Similar, sure but nobody seems to own me Somehow connect with people second name is homie Got supernatural powers, like obi wan kenobi When fools look at me they think why she so lonely Little to 40, thought people love me bone me Arrange the desk the same way, got my tools i'm never lonely ============================================== Found my calling in life, and that shit ain't for pay I'm a natural builder, paving the way Looking for others, helping misunderstood People look at me like whitey but I grew up in the hood. School a third black, Italian, all poor Things I live with no longer call me whore Fools say “Oh that lady, she's so sad, so poor” But when i'm in the house of judgement, i'm locking the fucking door
Cool Hdr Photo
In design we were tasked with taking a good hdr photo that we would later manipulate within after effects in order to make it more interesting
Cool Project Video
This is the transformative video of our Cool Hdr Photo that we did in digital media. I wanted to make mine a little comedic and it took a bit to come up with the idea, but I think it turned out well and synced up effectively with the music
Cool Photo Cutout
In design we took an HDR photo of our choice that we then had to transform through cutting out peaces of it and gluing them in a collage like fashion onto an artboard. I decided to use some of my favorite shirts in my photo and ended up cutting out many of the designs on them when I rearranged things.
In Digital Media we were tasked at creating a video on any subject we felt strongly about. The purpose of this was to try to provide a unique perspective on an issue that we felt was worth talking about.