Welcome to the innovator website. Here you will find all the media we have created for this assignment. This website can be viewed on desktop as well as various tablets and phones.

This project has been the cumulative efforts of Rachael Kiselev, Aava Salehi, and all participating individuals.

This has been a rewarding venture for all parties involved. We hope that you feel the same way.


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Robin Drucker, M.D.

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Mariana Briskin

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Jennifer Medina

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Claire Lockwood

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Jeremy Sosnick

the innovator project was a self led, self created project. i chose my topic, as well as my medium, then wrote a research paper (see atached) relating to my topic. my primary focus for this has been getting the true stories of individuals suffering from eating disorders, as well as the perspectives of professionals and family of sufferers. i originally planned on making a full length documentary, but later decided to make an interactive, documentary-style website. the majority of the project was listening to people's stories, and learning from other's mistakes and triumphs. all parties interviewed were people i was already familiar with, which added another layer to this project; i learned more about my medical practictioners and friends than i expected i would.

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