In this part of our project, we were supposed to innovate a project of our own choice that would impact the community in certain ways. My first choice was to make a cookbook which would be more user-friendly, easy to use and the design would be as a pop-up book. I changed my plans and decided to make a website and a youtube channel where I would research and interview any controversial topics. While researching if I came across certain topics that raised a lot of question. I interviewed people who were closely related to the topic. For this project, I interviewed two people, on from Iran and the other from Kazakhstan. In the interviews, I have closely interviewed their opinion on what people think about them and the stereotypes they have in their country and other foreign countries.

For this project I used Adobe Audtion to edit the audio and After Effect to animate and put-together the videos for my intreview. I made some social accounts to spread the word and a website, they all go by CrazyEyWe. Here are the process I went through to do this project.

Innovate project
Here is link to my final product of the innovaror project CrazyEyWe.