Ryan Kelleher


Hello, my name is Ryan Kelleher and this is my website. I attend Freestyle Academy where we learn to produce our own media rather than just being consumers.

This conceptual project was a website which showcased all of the projects I did from English, Design, and Digital Media in the first half of my junior year at Freestyle Academy.https://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/~RyanK/conceptual
this is a screenshot of what my website looks like
We created a short story in english, then using Pro Tools created an audio book with music and sound effects to make the audio book more interesting. https://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/~RyanK/narrative
This photograph of a dark house because my story involves a kid who stays at home alone for the first time.
Coming Later in 2018
project is coming soon
Explorations Project
Coming Later in 2018
project is coming soon