The purpose of this Conceptual Project is to make a creative, metaphorical project that is based off of our conceptual statement. In each class, it gave me different projects that simultaneously worked together to give me ongoing ideas. We used our conceptual statement to create many different kinds of art from haikus to haiku videos to photos. In English, I created a haiku and free verse poem. This metaphor led to a photograph in design. The haiku that I made in English was turned into a video of me actually speaking it in Digital media. All of these works formed a website. As you scroll down, you will see various poems, like the free verse, ekphrastic, and spoken word poem. Then you will lay your eyes on my haiku video. After that you will see, my Transport photo production from design with my diptych. Finally, you will see my parody that I did of Breaking Free from High School Musical and my Experimental music piece I made on Pro Tools. I learned that from one idea or statement you can make various pieces of art that are different in many ways. I valued watching the conceptual statement transform into different pieces of art overtime in the three classes.


In English so far, I have written a haiku, free verse poem, spoken word poem, and a ekphrastic poem. Ekphrastic poems are is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art.

During the journey creating poetry, I have really learned the importance of cutting words and the importance of conveying messages metaphorically. It makes the reader think and create their own interpretations. I thought it was interesting when we shared our poems in our class how many different interpretations there could be. I learned how to create background music that matched the vibe of the poem. Also how to piece together a poem, pictures, music, and the voice of the person speaking the poem. This opened up my eyes to see how many abilities that you might need for one piece of artwork or production.

Ekphrastic Poem
Thumbnail of Ekphrastic poem image Thumbnail of Ekphrastic poem image
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Creating music through something simple
Clashing bowls,
In blue water.

Reminding me of Lily Pads in the water
Floating aimlessly
Never stopping.

The room full of sound
Relaxing noises
People all around it,
So simple yet so beautiful.

Free Verse Poem

For my free verse poem, I used my conceptual poem to create a story of someone growing up. The production makes my poem come to life.

Spoken Word Poem

My spoken word poem, is about depression and how it can effect someone. It shows the process of being in that dark time in your life and then slowly getting better overtime. I choose the words maze, clown, teardrop, race, and reincarnation to describe the different emotions or stages of depression.


In my haiku video, I learned various different techniques in Premiere Pro and Pro Tools. Premiere Pro is a video editing software and Pro Tools is a audio software. I learned how to add text and how to fade it in and out. This helped me with my various other video projects like the Free Verse Poem. I practiced in Pro Tools how to put different kinds of music to make them sound better together for my background music.

While producing the Haiku in english, it was quite difficult. I had a hard time conveying my message in such a short amount of syllables. I had to have support from my peers and my english teacher, Mr. Greco, to brainstorm off of to really finish my haiku. At the end, I was really happy with the poem and I enjoyed making it. Even though, it was a challenge for me.

This is a screenshot of my haiku video production in Premiere Pro.

This is a screenshot of my haiku video production in Premiere Pro.

In Design, we were suppose to make a photo of a transport device that doesn't have a motor or engine. Also, we needed to include the wheel. I chose a bike, and I shot this photo outside in the day time to get good natural lighting.

Transport Wheel Production
My photo is a upclose photo of a pedal and gear with the wheel in the background.
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The assignment that was assigned is the Transport Photo Production. This is where we were supposed to take a picture of something that can transport you or something that doesn’t have a engine. My object is a bike, but instead on focusing on the whole bike, I focused on just the pedal and gear. I got lower to the ground so the pedal was the main focus in the photo. At the side of the pedal there was a orange reflector that I thought was a interesting because all my other colors weren’t as bright. The orange popped out in the photo. This was taken outside, so I used a ISO of 100. I chose this object because I used to ride my bike to get me places like school or jobs. I chose the pedal because that is what helps to fuel the bike to go. I learned that Photoshop is used to only put subtle touches onto the photo to make it look better. I applied the eraser to erase dirt marks or little dots in the photo that I did not                                           want in my photo. I used the dropper to match the correct colors to really make my object                                           more clean and to make it look like the bike was clean.

Conceptual Art Production
This my diptych of something. This my diptych of something.
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“I am exploring the feeling of scorn through the experience of the quick passage of time.” When I think about the experience of the quick passage of time, I think of adolescence. In my photo, the bucket is suppose to represent the brain and how it holds memories of our past. The holes allow the water to flow out of the bucket because overtime memories fade away and they don’t always stay vivid in our brain. Although, in the bucket there is going to be some water left to represent that the memories are still there. I put the towel down underneath the bucket to represent the people around you that absorb the memories and help you remember. While the water is flowing out of the holes of the bucket that represents the quick passage of time. I also put orange and yellow food coloring in the water to show the feeling of scorn because when I think of scorn I associate the colors of orange and yellow with it. My photo exemplifies my concept statement because it exhibits the flow of water which is going at a fast rate out of the bucket to represent the quick passage of time. Also the water is colored a orange yellow color which is associated with scorn. The whole photo can have many different interpretations like my concept statement. While I photoshopped my picture, it allowed me to make my picture brighter and to provide some contrast. Also it helped me erase some of the little spots on the bucket I didn’t want there. I learned that photoshop can be very helpful when trying to achieve the best picture possible. When I shooting I made the mistake of not going to a sunny spot outside to shoot. This resulted in a dark picture, so photoshop helped me by providing a sense of brightness in my photo.


  While creating a parody, it was difficult because of the various of songs I could pick and the various things I could write about. I wanted to kind of glamorize or make fun of something that happened in my life that I looked at as bad in the past. I have gotten many concussions where I can’t play my favorite sport, basketball. There was really no reason of why I picked the song that I did. I liked it and it reminded me of my childhood. The song that I chose was Breaking Free from High School Musical. I used Pro Tools to remove the vocals of the original song by duplicating the song, and then split the track into mono. I used the EQ plugin on my right mono track and my duplicated song track. This really makes the sound fade away. I then nudged the right mono track once to make it sound better. Finally, I raised the volume for the duplicated track to add more bass. After, I was done removing the vocals I went into the ISO booth with one of my friends to record my vocals. I then put a master fader on the instrumental so the vocals can be heard better.

My experimental music is off the concept of happiness or a sense of excitement. The music I listen to when I am happy and what sounded happy to me inspired this piece. The music is fast like when you're overly happy or excited the heart tends to race. Also the song is upbeat and when people feel happy they are usually positive. I used the Boom,and Xpand 2. All of these different instrument plugins I used were transmitted into a keyboard that helped me play different notes or parts of a loop track transferring them onto Pro tools. The Boom plug in had a lot of different drum or percussion loops that you could manipulate if you wanted to create the perfect sound. The Xpand 2 plugin allows you to play many different loops together or one loop at a time. I had a hard time because I didn’t really have a solid idea of what I wanted to do and since I was just introduced to these plug ins I was just trying to piece together loops or different parts of loops that sounded good together.