The purpose of the narrative project is to be creative and create productions based on my own ideas. In English, I wrote a Flash Fiction which is a short story that doesn't use any dialouge, everything in the story is conveyed by actions and expressions described. I wrote a story about a girl who didn't know she was adopted until her graduation day of high school when her parents sat her down to tell her. In Design, we are using that story to make a creature out of all different animals that match the characteristics of our main character from our flash fiction. In Digital Media, we made music for the climax, the theme of the story, and the theme for the main character.

Illustrator Artboard for Headers
Pro Tools session for Audiobook
Dreamweaver for this website

My story is about a girl named Olivia who was adopted from Taipei, Taiwan, but she didn't know she was adopted until her parents sat her down on her high school graduation day. I got my inspiration of being adopted myself from Taipei, Taiwan. I thought it would be a interesting story if the main character didn't know she was adopted until her parents thought it was the right time. I always wanted to create a story about adoption because of how it connects to my personal life. Even though, this story that I created doesn't really align to my life I thought that it would be a good way to convey adoption and how some people don't know until their parents tell them.

Forsaken by Samantha Chin

Brad and Rachel, a Chinese couple, saw the crying babies, while the nurses were trying to calm them down in the Taiwanese orphanage. This was their day, the day they get a child of their own child that they thought they could never have. They were handed a beautiful baby girl who had rosy cheeks and was soundly asleep unlike all the other babies. This baby was named Olivia, an infant of Asian descent, wrapped in a white blanket. Brad and Rachel agreed to one another that they wouldn’t tell her that she was adopted until they felt that she was ready. 18 joyous years went by and Olivia was a senior in high school ready to graduate. She had a loving family that supported her all her life. Her little brother Jason was one of the people who had everlasting support for his sister. Olivia was ready to move on to another chapter of her life with more opportunities and hardships. The night of her graduation day, her parents walked into her room with serious looks upon their faces. She could easily tell something was wrong. She listened to what they had to say, and her face turned pale of shock, then to red of anger, and then sadness. She couldn’t stop herself as she proceeded to burst into tears. Her parents gave her a small wooden box, the box contained the picture of a lady whom she assumed was her birth mother, her original birth certificate, and pictures of her as an infant in the orphanage. She dropped the box on her bed and ran out of her room to her car. She didn’t know what to think of the information that she was just given. Olivia began to wonder why they didn’t tell her she was adopted from the very start. She was heartbroken and angry with her parents and her birth parents. She then thought of Jason and how they weren’t even related which made her even more depressed. When she finally started to calm down, she returned to her house and retreated back to her room. She looked at the box, and carefully set it down on the floor then her eyes shut. Three months later she left for college and slowly started to forgive her parents. She was grateful that they were the ones who took care of her, and supported her throughout her life. However, she was still curious and wanted to know more about where she came from and who gave birth to her. When Olivia was twenty five years old, she visited the orphanage in Taiwan where her parents adopted her. She went back to finally meet her birth mother and reconcile with what she had learned seven years prior. She watched the crying babies as her parents once did and wondered if this is what it was like when she was there. A lady came up to her to bring her to a private room where her birth mother was waiting. When Olivia walked in, her birth mother bursted into tears. Soon, tears started rolling down Olivia’s face as she receives more information about the start of her life. Her birth mother who had long black hair and wrinkled skin handed her pictures from the day she was born in the hospital. In disbelief, Olivia holds the pictures close to her heart and smiles contently. Slowly, she comes to understand why her birth mother had to give her up.he just wanted a better life than the one she could provide for her at the time. Her birth mother barely had any money, and she were scared that Olivia wouldn’t have the life she deserved. Until she found Rachel and Brad, that gave her hope that Olivia would have a life with many opportunities and many happy memories. Olivia embraced her birth mother as she left with closure of knowing who she was and where she was from. From this day on, those birth photos remained in her small wooden box, for her to always remember where she came from.


Introduce the Design Assignment

Brainstorming sketch
Brainstorming sketch

My brainstorming sketches I used to create a idea of the different animals that I thought would flow together to resemble my character. I chose different animals that resemble the same characteristics that my character, Olivia does. The characterisitcs are independent, emotional, forgiving,loyal, and curious. The animals that I thought would fit into the characteristic independent was a snake, tiger, and cat. For emotional I thought of a dolphin, gorilla, or dog. For forgiving, loyal, and curious I thought of a dog. I also brainstormed the outfit and desitination of the character. After I brainstormed by myself, in class we got to share with some of our peers to get more feedback which helped me to put all my ideas together and cut some of my options down.

Example poses for my character
Example poses for my character

I took pictures of my dog because that is going to be the main animal I am using. I tried to get her walking because in my illustration I want the dog to be walking in through a door in a orphange.

Chef Wu in a cave
Chef Wu in a cave

Artist Statement


Story Music by Samantha Chin

In the process, of composing my music I made sure that it connected to my story and flowed with my vocals. I made the main character theme upbeat, but underneath the upbeat music there is a subtle more mellow and sad tone to it. I made the theme music very calm and relaxed, and I made the climax very dark. This all stemmed from just reading the story over and over and using the instruments in Pro Tools to create music that flows with the words of my story. Producing the music was difficult for me and it took a lot of time because I had to experiment with different sounds and instruments. I have never played a piano and I am not very experienced with music, so it was hard for me to make the beats in sync with one another. Overall, the music was difficult and took alot of time, but I think the end product of it with the vocals turned out really nice.

Audio Book

Forsaken Written and Spoken by Samantha Chin