Sarah Haslem
Photo of Me

Freestyle Academy is a place that has allowed me to thrive and use my art skills to my full potential. For most of my life, art has been something that allowed me to make beautiful, challenging, and technical work. As I have grown up and become a high school student, Freestyle has taught me to want to be the best art student I can be. With my previous experience and new teachings, I desire to experiment and conquer pieces and media that is new and relevant. Art is my outlet for my emotions and my life. My enjoyment in art is shown through various medias: graphics, websites, photography, videos, and music. All of the projects that I have completed at Freestyle are in one of those medias. The classes I am taking at Freestyle Academy are Design, Digital Media, and English Honors. All of these classes are built for collaboration between subjects. With my writing skills and creativity outlook on life, my projects are reflective of who I am and who I strive to be. My main interest is in Graphics and websites. With that said my skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign were crucial to my productions. Without in-depth knowledge of each softwares tools, windows, and powers, I would not have been able to create my art as detailed as I have.

This website has an urban theme. This feeling is purposeful and powerful. To me, art is something that can be chaotic and depicting of certain feelings. Large cities in the world today are both of those emotions. Cities are places that some of my art is inspired from. Although I did not grow up in a large city, it is almost as though cities make up who I am. Living so close to San Francisco has allowed me to experience the city lifestyle and illustrate it through various medias. Each piece of my work has some relation to cities and the world. Through time and experience I have been lucky enough to be able to use my energy and emotions to create art that describes me.

Freestyle Academy has exposed me to media and arts that were unknown to me. When I graduate from Mountain View High School with two years of Freestyle experience, I know that I will be able to continue to work with art with a more professional and knowledgeable take. On this website you will be able to observe all of the pieces I have created. By clicking on the images below, you will be taken into my different projects. I hope that you will enjoy looking at my work as much as I did making it. Welcome to my world of art.

For this project we were asked to use our skills in Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Dreamweaver to make a website with all of our work for this unit. My website included a nature theme to resemble the simplicity and basic skills we used throughout this unit. As the first unit at Freestyle this unit was my chance to learn new and crucial skills to continue to use at Freestyle throughout my junior and senior year.
Photo for the conceptual section
For the second unit at Freestyle we worked on continuing to learn new skills by creating a new website, a podcast for our English stories, and a cartoon comic for Design. As a result of the collaboration between classes, my Flash Fiction Narrative can be seen as a visual in Design, in writing in English, and listened to in Digital Media.
Photo for the narrative section
The third unit for juniors at Freestyle Academy is the documentary unit. In all three classes we focused on different elements of the documentary process. In English we read a book, held discussions, and crafted interview questions. In design we focused on the recording part of the interview with lighting, photography, and photoshop. In digital media, we put everything together into a website.
Photo for the documentary section
The last unit in my junior year allowed me to work on my own and on something we each were passionate about. This unit gave me an opportunity to use all of my skills, to create a website, visuals, and a paper about something important to me. The explorations unit really gave me the freedom to create projects that were interesting but a challenge to make.
Photo for the explorations section