Sasha Heye
Photo of Sasha Heye

Hi! I'm Sasha and I'm a Junior at Freestyle. The classes I take are Digital Media, English H, and Design. I love Freestyle and I have learned since I've been here. We are learning how to use Photoshop, Pro Tools, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver to put our projects together.

This website has 4 links below that take you to my four different websites: Conceptual, Narrative, Documentary, and Exploration. I hope you enjoy what I have so far!

Website with my expository essay, poems, haiku, photo project, and experimental song. - see
A pair of converse on a desk with some cacti and paint supplies.
Coming soon! - see
An open book with a cup of coffee on it.
Coming soon! - see
A white polaroid camera, a journal with polaroids inside, and a voss water bottle.
Coming soon! - see
A road with forest trees on the side.