In the Narrative Unit we were given a variety of assignments to accomplish for each class. Each page of this website is dedicated to each of the projects for the three classes. The story page consists of the English Narrative Project where we had to write a short story or Flash Fiction without using any dialogue. In Design, we were tasked with creating a comic book scene from our story and you can find this on the Illustrations page. The Music page includes the Digital Media project where we were assigned to compose our own music to compliment our story from English.

Screenshot of work on Adobe Dreamweaver

Writing stories have never been my strongest area, so this assignment proved to be quite a challenge. The addition of not being able to use dialogue made this assignment particularly difficult. I tried to compensate for the lack of dialogue by explaining the actions of the characters more.


Seth stared at the sheen on the clock, hoping it would subside so he could read the time. The numbers seemed to hide behind the reflection of the yellow lights in the classroom. The buzzing fluorescent lights gave static to a still-framed room. Anxiety slowly boiling up within him as the clock continued to tick on, turning seconds into days and minutes into years. Each question answered like mountains being lifted off his shoulders. Until, he finalizes the final question and goes to turnitin. Seth looks over at the clock on his way out the door and sees that he still had 40 minutes left.

As Seth opened the door a bright light shine through preventing him from seeing forward. As his eyes began to focus, to his surprise he saw the same class he just left, all of them still taking the test. Questioning the teacher, Seth was determined to find out what exactly was going on. The teacher didn’t reply and simply handed him a test and gestured for him to go sit at his desk. Confused, Seth brushed it off thinking that he was merely dreaming and did as he was told and finished the test. With two other students finishing amidst the anxiety that had surrounded Seth once again compelling him to finish the test a second time. As Seth proceeded to turn in his test a second time, he looked over at the clock and saw that he still had a remaining 5 minutes to finish. With a sigh of relief, he began to exit the classroom once more.

Astonishingly, he had somehow managed to reenter the same classroom. Perplexed, Seth looked all around, began pinching himself thinking it was some sort of dream. Panic built up slowly. Now breathing noisily, he shot a look in the direction of the teacher. Seth caught his gaze and the teacher motioned for him to be quiet and to sit down. Once situated, a test was promptly placed on his desk. Looking around, trying to figure out what the hell is happening, Seth began to panic. His heart dropped as he looked to check the time. With two minutes left to take the test, Seth quickly answered all the questions and rushed to turn it in.

In a seemingly endless loop, Seth entered the same classroom once more. Defeated, he sat down in his seat. After being handed another test, Seth had no desire to complete it and just sat there. Waiting patiently for the class to ultimately end, with a sigh, he let out a large breath and closed his eyes. With the sound of an alarm, Seth had awoken to his surprise in the same classroom in a pool of his own saliva. Frantically looking around him, he could see his teacher looking disgusted at his test, which had rested in a corner of the pool. Letting out a sigh of relief, Seth promptly apologized to his teacher and went about his day.


In Design we had to create a scene from our flash fiction in a comic book frame. For our character, we had to create a hybrid comprised of a multitude of different creatures (exhibiting the characteristics of the character in our flash fiction). To do this, we took pictures of animals on the internet and put them together on Adobe Illustrator.

Brainstorming Sketch and Characteristics
Brainstorming sketch and Characteristics of character

To prepare for the actual illustration of our short story character, we needed to list out their characteristics and create quick sketches. Seth, my character, is a very timid,

Example poses used for my character
Example poses used for my character.

To help with our illustrations for our character, we needed to shoot poses that we would potentially be using. For example, since my character would be sitting down in a desk, I took photos of someone sitting on a desk for reference. Essentially, the purpose for these photos were for us to learn the positioning of our character and to translate them into our illustrations.

Character illustration for Seth
Character illustration for Seth

My flash fiction is about an anxiety filled teenager named Seth taking a very important test for one of his classes. Once finished, Seth finds himself in a constant loop of reentering the same classroom over and over again. All with the same pattern, him entering, being gestured to sit and take the test, then leaving and opening the door to the same exact room he had just been in. All this happened with the clock still winding down and resulting with him having less and less time to finish the test given. This loop was finally broken once Seth had given up and let go to the severe pressure and stress placed upon him.

When we were first creating our hybrid character illustrations, we were tasked with making a list of characteristics correlated with our characters in our flash fiction. We had to connect these characteristics with those of animals resembling the same traits. For example, my character could be described as Timid, Anxious and Tense. So, I connected these characteristics with those of a Chameleon (timid) , an Elephant (tense), and a Fox (anxious). To create a hybrid, we tried combinations of the animals in our sketchbooks. Once we got a combination we liked, we moved on to using Adobe Illustrator. After retrieving pictures of the chosen animals on the internet, we had to trace them to create the hybrid. By adding more of shadows and highlights onto the existing artboards, we slowly began to put our hybrid character together. For the positioning of the character we took example pictures of people in positions similar to those we would use for our illustration. To finish, we had to to create the background we would be placing our hybrid character into. For my background, I created a darker toned classroom to help portray the tense situation that brought so much angst to my main character Seth. After all the time this illustration took, I am quite pleased with the result and glad I spent as much time as I did.

Screenshot of Design work on Adobe Illustrator

For me, composing the music for my story was the most difficult part of the whole Narrative Unit. To be able to depict all the emotion and intensity of the moments in the story was quite a task. For all three musical pieces of my story I always began with the bass line. The bass line felt like the most crucial part of the music and displayed most of the emotion. For example, if it was fast and loud, you would feel the sense of urgency or intensity. Once getting the bass line for the music down, the rest of the music would feel like accents to add onto it. Watching the documentary, SCORE, helped provide inspiration in this creative process. To be able to see the composing process for triple A movies helped put things into perspective and showed us the importance of music in films.

After composing the music, I now have a newfound appreciation for the music that goes into films. I think from now on, I will be paying a little more attention and listen to the music while watching movies.

Screenshot of work on Pro Tools software

To practice using the Music Program, Reason, we were assigned to create our own EDM track for eight beats. We needed to include (at least) a drum track, a bass track and a non bass track. We accomplished this by using a variety of plug-ins in the program such as the ReDrum tool (for the drum track), and the Subtractor (for the bass). For my section I included an arpeggio to add an accent to the music.

Audio Book

Screenshot of work of Flash Fiction recording on Pro Tools.